PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tech N9ne Songs That Should Be Sports Anthems

Dec 6 2013

MLS Img copy For Trill

In celebration of Sporting KC’s fight for the MLS Cup tomorrow night and Tech N9ne’s new “Louder” theme song for the Kansas City soccer team, we put together this list of songs that should be bumped in a stadium. From Anghellic on down, Tech N9ne has given us songs that could get any fanbase to turn all the way up for their home team.

Here’s ten of them.

“Einstein”Anghellic (Produced by Don Juan)

Why not take it all the way back to “the anthem” that continues to send thousands to a frenzy every time Tech does a show? This take on the classic song of the same name by The Beat Box Boys is guaranteed to increase your high jump by a whole foot and get you from 0 to 60 in seconds flat.

“Rock Yo Head”E.B.A.H. (Produced By JMAC)

This entry into the 816 Boys catalog has one of the hypest beats in Tech’s EP catalog and a raucous chorus that’s hand-tailored to get the crowd moving. The hypnotically-hype production and a group of irreverent emcees from the 816 make this an easy pick.

“Too Much”Killer (Produced by Aaron Bradley)

If you want to scare the crap out of your opponent, run out to this song. Dramatic tribal drums and horn swells that sound like they’re straight from the Colosseum make this song sound like an epic battle cry and a must for the home team entrance.

“The Beast”Everready (Produced by Da Riffs)

You knew this one was coming. We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve stumbled on homemade videos of football games set to this song. An incredibly intimidating and fierce hook gives the home team immediate advantage whenever this song is played.

“Technicians”All 6’s and 7’s (Produced by Soleternity)

“Ah-WOO! Ah-WOO! Ah-WOO!”

Enough said.

“Let’s Go”Killer (Produced By David Sanders II)

How many times a game do we utter this phrase as it is? “Let’s Go” features a marching band snare to go with a hyperactive, descending synth line that makes you immediately want to turn the @!#$ up.

“Worldwide Choppers”All 6’s and 7’s (Produced by Seven)

Like “Technicians”, “Worldwide Choppers” has one of the epic sounding chants that puts you in a winning state of mind. Add an incredibly fire cast of characters who are all spitting their asses off and you have yourself an anthem for all nations.

“Riot Maker”Everready (Produced by Tech N9ne, Rob Rebeck and Tyler Lyon)

Tyler Lyon’s first contribution to the world of Strange Music proved to be a pivotal one, playing the menacing guitar riff for what would be one of Tech N9ne’s everlasting live performance pieces. Press play and watch the mayhem unfold.

“Bout Ta Bubble”Everready (Produced By Seven)

It’s either between this or “Einstein” for the song that makes you jump the highest. The siren which accents the chorus is perfect for a stadium setting.

“Imma Tell”Absolute Power (Produced By RUBONYX)

This song’s production features one of the catchiest uses of a sample in hip hop, making for a crowd-pleasing call and response between Tech and a wild crowd full of fans. Why scream “Momma say stop or I’m gonna tell papa” at a sports game? We can’t tell you how it makes sense, but it just feels like it’s the right thing to do.


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