‘My Dad Interviewed MURS’ Feature Interview In Noisey = Awesome

Feb 27 2014


How often is a journalist able to have his dad interview an artist in a genre of music that the dad never even listens to? Props to Noisey for green-lighting this entertaining bit of left field journalism.

MURS, the latest signee to Strange Music (and an independent powerhouse in his own right), recently sat down with Noisey Features Editor Drew Millard’s father for an extensive interview called “My Dad Interviewed Murs.”

The fascinating interview covers topics ranging from what it means to be a rebel in hip hop to why MURS feels good about his latest move in signing to Strange Music.

Speaking of that last topic, check out this amazing quotable:

My son tells me Strange Music has an incredibly loyal fanbase that if you hook up with Strange Music that chances are you’re gonna to get lots of loyal fans just from that. Talk about that a little bit more, if you don’t mind.

I always wanted to stop rapping at 21, I thought at 21, you were old. I’ve been able to parley that a few times, so now I’ve been lookin’ for a permanent home. My mom moved us around a lot so I think it comes from that. And now that I’m married with kids there’s a sense of permanence and I needed to find a home. And I’ve done business with everyone from Snoop Dogg to Odd Future, and I’ve seen the interworkings behind Warner Brothers and every independent label and labels in between. And Strange seemed to be some of the most honest and hard working people I’ve dealt with and I couldn’t think of a better home. They’ve been around, they plan to be around for a long time. And I also know that Tech N9ne, who’s the lead artist of the label and co-founder of the label, is 42 and I’m hearing him make some of the best music of his life. So that’s encouraging to me. And his stage show, he’s still the best live performer in the world. And I’ve seen Prince, Tito Puente, Jack White, Odd Future, I’ve seen everyone. And I can still learn a lot from him as an artist and I can learn from Travis as a businessman. And I know that Strange Music has the money and the desire to stay around for a long time. And I’m just happy to be a part of how they do business and looking forward to learning and becoming better because of it.

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