Strange Music Valentine’s Day Podcast With Special Guest Rob Prior

Feb 13 2014

SM Podcast Episode 2

Famed illustrator, director, sculptor (and goat shaver) Rob Prior joins us for a very inappropriate podcast from your friends at Strange Music!

In this edition of Strange Music Podcasts we got to sit down with Rob while he was in town signing the limited edition When Demons Come prints with Tech N9ne and got to talking about a few things, such as:

  • – Times he’s wanted to kick someone’s ass
  • – Hiding chicken heads, flying pigs and dragon dicks in his illustrations
  • – Justin Bieber: douchebag?
  • – And much more!

Also listen to the before and after to get a glimpse of the revolting qualities of the Strange Music social media team, including the most heinous story you’ve ever heard involving fruit snacks!

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  • – What was your favorite part of this podcast?
  • – What would you like to see us do with the podcasts?

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