‘Fragile’ Music Video And Strangeland’s Video Production Team Highlighted On KCTV5 News

Feb 24 2014

Tecj N9ne KCTV 5

The name of the label is Strange Music, but the movement is quickly becoming much more than that.

One of Kansas City’s news stations KCTV5 did a story on the music video for “Fragile” from Something Else and also shines the spotlight on the internal video production team that Strange has assembled at Strangeland Studios.

Tech N9ne is interviewed along with director Anthony Devera, who both explain how Strangeland Studios is becoming a crew and production facility that’s quietly building itself up to to rival those in LA or New York. When you have a team that can efficiently and creatively make high-quality video productions at a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect, why wouldn’t you employ them for your next music video, TV show, or feature film?

Who knows what the future holds for the video production team at Strangeland? One thing’s for sure, they’re off to an amazing start.

Click here to check out the clip.


Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition

  • – Where do you see Strangeland Studios in a few years?

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