LISTEN: 50 Cent And Tech N9ne Hint At Collab On Hot 103 Jamz Interview [Audio]

Mar 19 2014


A newly-independent hip hop icon chops it up on the air with The King of Independent Hip Hop in this audio clip of 50 Cent and Tech N9ne on Kansas City’s Hot 103 Jamz!

Listen below as 50 Cent and Tech N9ne are interviewed by Kansas City’s very own Brian B Shynin, as they talk about the perks of being independent and the pitfalls of releasing your music under the major label system.

50 Cent sums it up best at the outset when he says: “The game has changed so dramatically that if you not independent you’re going to find out fast that you need to be.” 50 says that he has been studying Tech N9ne’s blueprint for quite sometime, citing his ability to put on the best live show no matter what size venue he performs in.

Host Brian B Shynin asks when we can expect a 50 Cent and Tech N9ne collaboration, and 50 insinuates that he would be down to make it happen, saying “We gotta get together and make something special. I want to make something that stands around.”

50 also illuminates the negative aspects of being under a major label, as he had people picking his singles for him. Tech N9ne cites that he was able to put out a seven song EP on Halloween just because he wanted to. 50’s reply?

“That’s power.”



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