Tech N9ne Details The Lowest Moment Of His Career In XXL Feature

Mar 3 2014


You may remember recently Tech shared the fact that working with Lil’ Wayne on Tha Carter IV was among the high points of his career, but that’s only one side of the story.

In a new feature with XXL, Tech N9ne describes what he believed to be the low point of his career, although it did turn into something beautiful that long time Technicians love him for.

When asked the low point of his career, Tech described his deal-gone-sour with Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam in 1993:

“I got a record deal with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Perspective Records in ’93. After that, it didn’t work, so we came back home. They cut off the money and stuff. They paid me monthly. That’s when Nnutthowze came about, because we didn’t have anything. I stayed with my producer Icy Rock and we just making crazy music. Fuck up our hair. We don’t care what they think about us.”

Tech continues to describe the meaning behind Nnutthowze, and how it paved the way for the spirit of Strange Music.

Click here to read the full feature.


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  • – Did you know the origins of Nnutthowze before this interview?
  • – What do you think would’ve happened if Tech had stayed signed with Perspective Records?

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