Our 5 Favorite Clips Of Freddie Gibbs Live

Apr 2 2014

Gibbs Live

The entire industry was afraid to put Gangsta Gibbs on a tour, but not Strange Music. We’re proud to say that Freddie Gibbs is co-headlining the Independent Grind Tour 2014 and that he’s got plenty to offer as far as a kick ass live show is concerned. Need proof? Look below.

After sweeping YouTube for our favorite clips of Freddie Gibbs performing live on stage, we collected these five which well display the kind of performer he is. As you can see below, Gibbs is on point with the flow, doesn’t mince words with the audience and has charisma for days. People going to the Independent Grind Tour 2014 are in for something special indeed.

Live @ Reggie’s in Chicago

Props to the camera guy here for getting Freddie’s mic mastery and his frenzied fans in the same shot as we see Freddie rip shop on “BFK” and “Bout It Bout It”.

“Thuggin” with Mad Lib – Williamsburg, VA

This is just a well-recorded clip of Freddie performing one of his singles from what is already being called one of the most essential albums of 2014: Piñata.

“Rob Me A Nigga” Acapella, Live In Paris

This clip shows more than the rest that Gibbs is way more than a “Gangsta Rapper” – Gibbs is an great emcee. Watch him keep beat without a beat as he spits an entire verse from his hit “Rob Me A Nigga” without the assistance of an instrumental.

Gibbs “BFK” @ Fools Day

“Now which one of you motherfuckers got the motherfucking nuts to throw a motherfucking bottle?” Gibbs says before abruptly announcing that he’s not going to perform, merely seconds after the beginning of his set. Of course he couldn’t leave the audience hanging like that, and quickly rushes back on stage and proceeds to kill it.

“Deep” At Paid Dues 2013

Being from the midwest we always love us some double and triple-time flow, so we had to include this sharp performance of the uptempo “Deep” live at Paid Dues 2013. With a clarity only reserved for the pros, Gibbs murders this Mad Lib-produced track.



  • – Which clip was your favorite?
  • – What’s your favorite thing about a Gibbs show?

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