‘I Have Never Met A Rapper And A Record Label As Amazing As Tech N9ne And Strange Music.’ – Murder Dog Editor Black Dog Bone Speaks In In-Depth Interview

Apr 16 2014

Tech N9ne Murder Dog

Much love to Murder Dog.

On top of being the first hip hop publication to really mess with Tech N9ne and Strange Music (see Tech’s first magazine cover up and left), Murder Dog’s editor Black Dog Bone gave Tech and Strange an extremely awesome shoutout in an in-depth interview with Red Bull Music Academy.


You name any rapper, I’ve met all of them. But I have never met a rapper and a record label as amazing as Tech N9ne and Strange Music. I can’t even explain to you, it’s not just about his music. One, he comes from Kansas, from a strange unknown place. The Midwest. Two, he is hated and despised by his own people, because they think he’s a devil worshipper and he has a mohawk or whatever. He is ghetto as you can get, but he’s intellectual too. He had a Muslim parent. The music he has done borders gangsta rap, borders Horrorcore, borders rock. But XXL never gave him a cover. The Source never put him on the cover. Fuck all that stuff.

Click here to read the entire interview, in which the history and growth of Murder Dog is explored in-depth.


Tech N9ne - Strangeulation (Deluxe Edition)


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