The Dirty Heads Announce Their Collab With Tech N9ne And Show Love For Tech N9ne Collabos: Strangeulation

May 29 2014


Big ups to the Dirty Heads for giving Strange Music a shout out and featuring Tech N9ne on their upcoming album!

Amongst the wave of accolades for Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation was that of the reggae-influenced group, Dirty Heads.

As well as giving propers to Tech N9ne and Strange Music on their Facebook and Twitter, the California-based group also announced that Tech N9ne is on a track on their next album Sound of Change.

Sound of Change is slated to be released July 8 this year and is said to be their most ambitious album yet with production from the likes of Rome and Supa Dups. Tech is slated to be on the song “Burn Slow”.

Check out some of the fan responses from the Dirty Heads Facebook page!

  • “He’s from my hometown. ..KC! We’d love to have TDH come here!”
  • “What?! Tech and the dirty heads?! Its gonna be good shit”
  • “NO WAY! I am even more excited now!!!”
  • “Wait, did I read that right?!?! Tech N9ne on a track with dirty heads, man, that’s going to be a banger for sure!! Can’t wait to hear this one.”
  • “Well my pants just got a little shorter.”
  • “The song is so sick….. Can’t wait for it — and you guys are gonna blow up the airwaves with it!!!”
  • “Yahtzee!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “This pleases me.”
  • “That’s so fuckin dope I can’t fuckin wait. Most anticipated track of the year for me.”
  • “Awesome collab I think would be the shit! STRANGE!”
  • “Amazing musician overload. Can’t. Express. Joy.”
  • “What?? Tech Nina and The Dirty Heads?? That is amazing!! Great collab, excited to hear it!! 2 of my favorite artists!!”
  • “Loooove tech 9 and loooove those dirty heads, fuck, that song will be awesome”




• Are you excited about this collab?

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