‘Enthralling, Well Assembled, Original’ – DJBooth.net Writer Reviews ‘¡MURSDAY!’ From The Emergency Room

Jun 11 2014


What better place to test out ¡MURSDAY!’s smile-inducing properties than in a crowded hospital emergency room?

Recently while surfing through the twitterverse, we stumbled across a tweet from our good friend Nathan at DJBooth/Refined Hype that said this:

Little did we know, Nathan was 100% serious. As part of DJBooth’s awesomely imaginative review series “Album Reviews In Bad Places”, writer Lucas Garrison did exactly that. And it was awesome. Somehow while dealing with the overwhelming anxiety of sitting in a place literally designed for medical emergencies, Lucas managed to write an incredibly thoughtful and glowing review of ¡MAYDAY! & MURS’ collaborative project. The whole review is amazing, but his ending paragraph is what had us standing up at our desks clapping and saying, “This guy gets it”:

I am giving this album 5 spins. Obviously, some songs hit harder than others, but that is just a matter of personal preference. Even songs that didn’t resonate with me are still enjoyable and can be appreciated for what they are doing. This is one of those rare albums that you can listen to from start to finish or jump by jumping the tracks, and either method is just as effective. It’s cohesive and musically adventurous, but has that fun, mixtape-esque vibe. Enthralling, well assembled, original, and, most importantly, fun, ¡MURSDAY! is one of the best projects I have encountered in a long time.

So there you have it. ¡MURSDAY! can brighten your day in even the darkest of environments! If that’s not the mark of a great album, we don’t know what is.

Shouts out to DJBooth.net on another piece of dope, creative journalism.

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