¡MAYDAY! And MURS Break Down Your Favorite Tracks From ‘¡MURSDAY!’ With XXL

Jun 12 2014


What goes into the making of a summertime classic? Let ¡MAYDAY! and MURS tell it as they talk to XXL about the making of some of your favorite tracks from ¡MURSDAY!.

Shout out to XXLmag.com for this revealing article that takes you into the inner sanctum of the Cuban American Social Club, the ¡MAYDAY! studios where ¡MURSDAY! was created. ¡MAYDAY! and MURS break down five songs from the album that has fans all across the world getting their summer on the right way.

On “Spiked Punch”

Bernz: I really like “Spiked Punch.” We ended the album on some party vibe and we ended it on you know how old school albums would be like: “Yo, shout out to XXL! They in the house!” They had the long ass [outros]. We wanted to end the album on a nine-minute shout-out.

Murs: My wife makes fun of me because I say “shouts outs.” Like, “I want to make some shouts outs.” When you hear the song, we literally split it into two tracks. I was just drunk. It was probably one in the afternoon. They kept on saying, “Do it again!”

Wrekonize: I think we just ended up using that first take.

Murs: But the song was fun and he literally made some spiked punch. We was at his spot, eating dinner and one of his homegirls that works there. She was like, “Yo, you ever had Bernie’s spiked punch?” I’m like “Nah.” “Yo! It’s the shit! We used to have parties and people used to come from the beach from miles around.” Next morning I woke up: “Motherfucker make that spiked punch. What’s good?” We just got these red cups and we made spiked punch probably [around] noon. We did the outro the next morning and we started drinking again.

We got everybody in the booth to say the hook like, “Spiked punch!” I got a gang a motherfuckers in the booth. Like, 10, 12 of us in the booth. And everybody is just rapping. It’s like the breakdown of the whole album, so hopefully we get to do a video for that so I can make his spiked punch again. But the funny thing is, we were supposed to… Tech N9ne has “Caribou Lou”, “KC Tea”. We wanted to have our drink but we got so wasted we forgot to put the ingredients in the fuckin’ song. [Laughs]





  • What’s your favorite song out of the five they talked about?

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