MURS Explains How Emcees Act Like Hoes In Interview With HipHopDX

Jun 10 2014


You know you’re a hoe when…

Have MURS explain what constitutes for some downright hoe-ish behavior in this interview HipHopDX conducted with himself and ¡MAYDAY! about the new ¡MURSDAY! album.

The interview also talks about how MURS fit in with ¡MAYDAY!, how they’re trying to get Strange to appeal to more listeners and MURS’s accidental prophecy with the song “Justin Bieber’s Black Baby”.

Check out this excerpt on male hoes:

HipHopDX: Murs, on “Zones,” you say, “Radio rappers always sayin’ that they so rich / Rhymin’ about the clothes that they wear, I swear it’s hoe shit.” As someone who has gone on record about wanting to be on the radio, what did you mean with that line?

Bernbiz: We were also having tons of arguments at that time when you wrote that shit…

Murs: I just feel like it’s a traditionally feminine quality. Hoes—to be literal—hoes wear the most revealing, flashy things to get money and attention. And so many black males continue hoeish behavior. It’s not their fault really, because their daddies weren’t there, and you always want [attention] like, “Daddy look at me!” That’s why we throw money at people. That’s why we wear the gold chains. We’re a disenfranchised group of young men. I’m not faulting anyone, and I’m not judging anyone, but I call it like it is. If we don’t talk to each other about what’s really going on…

That’s some hoe shit. I don’t care what you wear. If we’re all in the locker room, my dude, I don’t care how much you spent on your shoes. We’re talking about Rap. We’re not talking about fashion. I don’t care if you have the new Jays, you still can’t rap, my nigga. You suck. I’ll serve you. You may have the contract, and you may have the free Nikes and you may go to the better school. But if it just came to me and you rhyming, I’d destroy you. Somehow along the way, it got to where a good rapper is judged by how many units he sells. Not that great entertainers should be judged by how many units they sell, but if we’re talking about Rap skills? Leave that shit out of the conversation, man. I don’t care what you wear.

A lot of you guys are so behind. I had Tom Ford shoes, but I had them three years ago. I had Tom Ford shades years ago, because I know people in the fashion industry that work for Gucci and so forth, and so on. When Tom Ford left, my friends put me on him like, “This is the new brand.” But I never rapped about it, because that stuff has no place in what you’re trying to do unless you’re trying to sell Tom Ford. But you’re not making any money off that. To me, it’s hoe shit. I like clothes too, but I’m not gonna bring it to the office.





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