Kendrick Lamar’s Verse For Tech N9ne’s ‘Fragile’ Makes ‘Kendrick Lamar’s 15 Best Guest Verses’ On Pigeons And Planes

Jun 18 2014

Kendrick Lamar Best Guest Verses

Upon hearing Kendrick spit his bars on Tech N9ne’s “Fragile” there’s no doubt that it was a verse for the books.

Pigeons and Planes echoes that notion with its inclusion of Kendrick’s “Fragile” verse on their list of “Kendrick Lamar’s 15 Best Guest Verses.” The cathartic explosion of a verse revealed a fury in Kendrick Lamar that had never been heard before and marked another step in the evolution of the amazingly talented Compton emcee.

Pigeons and Planes said:

It’s hard to imagine Kendrick is often faced with scrutiny, especially in the aftermath of his breakout 2012 success, but he channeled whatever criticism he has garnered into an invigorating verse for Tech N9ne’s “Fragile,” a song about the delicate psyche of an artist in relation to the perception of their art. Tech N9ne is no slouch, but Kendrick still outraps him with a show-stealing feature. His verse focuses in on a craving for adoration, and he almost evokes empathy, such is the passion of his delivery.

He targets critics with sharp wit: “This is more than you, and this is more than you / And your entire building slanderin’ and abusin’ / What I call the realist coming from a student / Told myself to use a pen as an UZI / Empty magazine, I seen a magazine / You seen my trigger finger, then I started shooting.” There is a special attention to detail with any Kendrick verse and the craftsmanship on this one helps make a compelling case. Instead of targeting critics for doing their jobs, Kendrick simply took a vow to prove them wrong and up the ante.

So far, so good.



Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition

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