A Special Announcement From MURS

Jul 14 2014


About one month ago I put out a record called ¡MURSDAY! And I am super stoked to announce it has been my fastest selling album EVER!

I’d like to sincerely thank everyone who is supporting the new album. I’d like to thank the Strange Music family for all the hard work and love. I also have a question for those of you who haven’t even given it a chance: I thought underground/indie hip hop was all about being open minded? So, why did me signing to Strange Music give some of you cause to jump ship ? Most of whom have not even given the music a fair shake. If you don’t like it I completely understand. I am more than used to that by now. But some of the comments I’ve read and heard from people have been pure prejudice. You’ve determined how my music will sound based on the label I’m on. Which, if you’ve been down with me for any amount of time. You should know better. 316 sounded nothing like any other Def Jux album. Murs for President sounded nothing like any other WB album. And ¡MursDay! sounds nothing like any other Strange Music album. I am ME. Have always been and will always be. I bring my unique energy with me wherever I go. And that’s why these labels work with me. Because they believe in what I do. Not because they want to change me. The Strange Music staff and fans have welcomed my crazy ass with open arms. I hope to continue to work with them for years to come. And I would love it if ALL of my fans would come along for the ride. But sadly that has not been the case. Oh well, “win some, lose some”. For the rest of y’all. The ¡MursDay! party continues and is about to kick into full swing. 5 new videos on the way and a 50+ city tour is in the works for this fall. Any one wishing to join is welcome.

In the immortal words of Frank White “YOU’RE ALL WELCOME!”