Tech N9ne Listed In HipHopDX’s List Of ’11 Unique Hip Hop Flows’

Jul 23 2014

Tech N9ne DX Article

It only makes sense that Mr. Strange Music himself gets some one-of-a-kind props for his one-of-a-kind flow.

And so it goes that HipHopDX includes Tech N9ne in their list of “11 Unique Hip Hop Flows”. Amongst Tech N9ne are other esteemed and legendary emcees such as 2Pac, Ol Dirty Bastard, Andre 3000 and many more.

Shout outs to HipHopDX for this dope article. Not only are the emcees in the list carefully and well-selected, their flows are broken down like a science in the write ups, making this a must-read for all music nerds and hip hop heads.


Sample Verse“Midwest Choppers”: “Gotta give it up, I’m a veteran like Edison / I’mma light ‘em up and get in your head again / I’m better than ever, never let ‘em feather a debt they be fetishin’ / Sever it hit the mic and then we peddlin’ medicine / I’m a chopper, chopper, chopper!”

Tech N9ne’s register is a gruff alto, and although many people refer to his style as they would that Chi-town triple time flow or the Bone Thugs melodic multiples, Tecca Nina distinguishes himself by his clarity. Based on what he told DX in a June 2011 interview, it’s one area of personal pride.

“It’s not because I’m rapping fast or whatever, but really making sense and putting lyrics together as mathematics,” Tech noted. Facts. But he also brings an element of the strange to his delivery, inundating his styles with a series of howls, screams, and yelps. “Midwest Choppers 2,” from Tech’s Sickology 101, is a signature example of his unique vocal range. He opens up his verse here creepily singing: “I am the definition of the murder…The 9 is now coming to serve ya…” But afterwards, he immediately takes aim at the object of his aggression: “Gimme the mic and I bet that you duck / It’s what you better do when I’m busting / I be flipping, I’m incredible, never get on my level.” The US is often seen as 50 little countries in one, and no better is that illustrated than in Hip Hop where you’re constantly winding down on the microscope; Missouri to Kansas City to 57th Street to Tech N9ne. This also serves to magnify the Midwest’s contribution to the Rap aural lansdscape. In short, there’s nothing “fly over” about Tech N9ne’s flows, or the independent success of Strange music.




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