‘Tech N9ne Is Everything And I Will Continue To Be Everything’ – Tech N9ne Talks Being Placed On Monster Energy’s Aftershock 2014 Music Festival

Aug 12 2014

Tech N9ne

When you hear Tech N9ne what kind of music comes to mind? Hip hop? R&B? Rock? How about everything?

The truth is, Tech N9ne is blind to any limitations of his artistic reach and nowhere is this more apparent than with his spot on Monster Energy’s Aftershock 2014 music festival.

The lineup reads like a who’s who in metal and hard rock: Weezer, Limp Bizkit, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch and that’s just a few. Does Tech N9ne fit with the shrieking vocals, pounding drums and shredding guitars? In Tech N9ne’s opinion: hell yes.

We talked to Tech N9ne to see what he thought about being put on the bill and whether or not his set would appeal to the hard rock fans and metalheads that will undoubtedly be in attendance. His message to the rock fans who might be a bit skeptical of a rap act on the bill?

Read below and find out

Who are some of your favorite acts on this lineup?

I’m a big Rob Zombie fan so I’m hype even though I don’t play on the date that he plays. I might see – if I’m not busy – if I can stay. I can’t wait to see Weezer. I can’t wait to see Fred Durst on stage like that. I can’t wait to see Bad Religion. I can’t wait to see all the acts. There’s so many people on the bill that I love. I don’t even have the list in front of me but I’m just picturing some of the names that popped out: Chevelle is on there. I can’t wait to see Chevelle. What? Fuck yeah.

Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie
To be able to play amongst all these wonderful bands that have been doing it for so long, it’s flattering to me that they would want Tech N9ne on this motherfucker, and why not? Because Tech N9ne is everything and I will continue to be everything. That’s my goal. World domination. I have to be able to do everything.

You might have answered the next question but there might be some fans who are skeptical of a rap act on the bill.

I went to Mayhem Fest and motherfuckers were coming up to me talking about “I respect the fact that you’re here.” I was like “Are you fucking crazy? I listen to this music too motherfucker!” I know it’s not common for ghetto niggas who come from Blood gangs to listen to metal or rock like that, but I do, so I know what some people are thinking, like “Rap? What the fuck?” But when I hit them with the kind of shit that I do, it’s undeniable. There’s motherfuckers who don’t fuck with rap period and there’s a lot of metalheads who don’t fuck with rap that fuck with Tech N9ne and I’ve heard it so many times over the years ever since we started: “I don’t listen to rap music but your shit is dope.” You listen to rap music then!

Do you think you’re going to be converting some more Technicians at this show?

Tech quote

Every show that I do, whether it be a 2 Chainz show or a Slipknot show, I’m going to always convert people into Technicians, if they’re not already. That’s what my sole purpose here is for. When I do Bonnaroo, that is my job. When I do Rock The Bells or Paid Dues that is my job – to turn these motherfuckers. You don’t turn everybody. Everybody is out there looking at you like “What the fuck?” By the time we get off stage they be like “Huh…that’s some shit.” You know what I mean? That’s my sole purpose, is to turn all these motherfuckers into Technicians. I am diabolic and this is my calling, to make non-believers believe.

Can we expect more festivals and shows like this from you in the future?

Yes. Yes me and Travis and Mark have been talking about it for years and now when I did Musink Festival with Travis Barker, Ross Robinson brought the guy that’s over Coachella and he was like “Why the fuck is he going on this early? He’s a real act!” or something like that. These people are coming to see me. They’re getting a whiff of it. They’re seeing what’s going on in Forbes, they see what’s going on in Billboard. “Fragile” woke a lot of motherfuckers up like “Whoa, God damn! How are they doing this independently?”

Now more than ever we have to show out even more. Imagine the pressure on me for this album because it has to be bigger than Something Else and Something Else had “Believe” on it, “Fragile”, “B.I.T.C.H.”…everything. I got to go even harder because now they’re all waiting for something else after Something Else. So we’ll give them Special Effects because we’ve already let motherfuckers know that we can do music, now it’s time to play with that shit. Effects and shit on the vocals. Just trying to create new things or do things that we wouldn’t normally do in verses and flow patterns and stuff like that. This is the time for us to go as far as we can go with our imagination. Here we go.



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  • Are you one of the fans that never listened to rap before you heard Tech N9ne?
  • Why do you think Tech’s appeal spreads so far?

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