Tech N9ne Essentials [Strange Music Exclusive]

Sep 4 2014

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered1
Photo by Taylor Lamb

What are the must haves for the most successful independent rapper of all time?! Tech N9ne shares with us his essentials in this Strange Music exclusive.

With all the success Tech N9ne has had throughout his historic independent career, it’s no surprise that he can afford some of the finer things in life. However some of the items on this list you cannot find in any stores, and have a value beyond any mere price tag. Tech has you, the fans, to thank for that.

Without further ado, here are Tech N9ne’s essentials. Tech N9ne Essentials Number1

1) Black Polo Ralph Lauren Jeans

Will go with just about anything, an essential piece of SLEGNA gear.

Tech N9ne Essentials Number2

2) Beats by Dr Dre Pro Lil Wayne Headphones

Because red.

Tech N9ne Essentials Number3

3) Luciano Soprani UOMO Cologne

“Top notes are caraway, green notes, galbanum, basil and bergamot; middle notes are carnation, lavender, balsam fir, caraway and rose; base notes are labdanum, leather, amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss and incense.”

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered4

4) Hugh Parsons Cologne

“You smell Hugh Parsons when I pass you bitch, you barkin'” – Tech N9ne, “808 Bendin'”

“Smellin’ like Hugh Parsons to get a victim when it darkens.” – Tech N9ne, “American Horror Story”

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered5

5) Sprayground Panthera Deluxe Backpack

Good look finding this stylish and eye-catching backpack from Sprayground.

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered6

6) Black Diamond Strange Music Necklace

Only one of these in the whole world. The black diamond encrusted pendant worn by the brainchild behind the Snake and Bat.

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered7

7) Hennessy Privilege Gold Bottle

“On the palate, the natural balance of strength and smoothness creates a harmonious blend in which maturity combines with vigor. The structure is softened by a suggestion of fresh grape character.” – Hennessy website

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered8

8) Prada Sunglasses

For when Tech is on his rock star shit (which is all the time).

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered9

9) Red Chuck Taylor’s w/ Red Paisley Strings

All red err’thing.

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered10

10) Personalized Rhyme Book by Staci Greenwald

Is this the most important item on the list? How many classics have been and will be penned in this book?

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered11

11) Black and Red KC Fitted

A fitting crown for the Kansas City King.

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered12

12) Blunt Power Coconut Air Spray (Shiezah Spray)

Popularized in the ad-lib before his blistering verse in CES Cru’s “It’s Over”.

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered13

13) Bundle of Mod Sun “Happy as Fuck” Bracelets

Very important to Tech N9ne’s post-K.O.D. outlook on life.

Tech N9ne Essentials Numbered14

14) Tech N9ne and Strange Music Letterman Jacket

A truly one of a kind item.