E-40 Joins Strange Music Behind Home Plate For Game 6 Of The 2014 World Series In KC

Oct 29 2014

Jeff Nelson


In a classic move of Kansas City hospitality, Travis O’Guin reserves a seat for friend, legendary independent hip hop pioneer and Bay Area native E-40 in game 6 of the World Series.

Joining Travis O’Guin and Strangeland Studios video gangsters Ryan Lindberg and Kerry Rounds, E-4o had the best seat in the house for a full on beat down as the Kansas City Royals forced game 7 with their 10-0 rout of the San Francisco Giants.

The normally stoic CEO looked to be having the time of his life while reports say that E-40 had a blast despite the final outcome.

Check out the pics below.


E40 And Travis O'Guin World Series Game 6








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