LISTEN: Tech N9ne – ‘Dyin’ Flyin” [Audio]

Jan 30 2015

Special Effects Cover blog

If you pre-order Tech N9ne’s Special Effects you can get your hands on one of Tech’s most epic songs he’s ever made.

“Dyin’ Flyin'” isn’t just a song, it’s a full-blown epic production unlike anything you’ve ever heard in hip hop. This song is humongous: choirs, strings and manic piano playing make this the closest thing to a marriage that classical and hip hop have ever had.

Tech N9ne addresses the perils of success in a way that only he can. When you’ve been propped up by the underground fanbase your whole life and start to gain the attention of the mainstream, where does that leave you? Tech N9ne attempts to answer in this amazing song.

Prepare to be blown away.



Tech N9ne Special Effects Splash

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