Tech N9ne Explains To HipHopDX The Meaning Of ‘Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)’ From ‘Special Effects’

Jan 28 2015

Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne dropped a bomb on hip hop with the release of the introduction to his upcoming album Special Effects. The song, entitled “Aw Yeah (interVENTion)”, tackles social themes in a direct way that Tech N9ne rarely ever does, and ends on a note that will shake you to your core.

Tech N9ne went to HipHopDX to explain what this song means to him and why he chose to release it so early, despite having never released an album intro before the album drops. The in-depth interview gives a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a man watching the world teeter on the brink of total self-destruction.

Here’s a sample of what Tech N9ne had to say:

Originally the fans were going to have to wait to May 5 because I never, ever release the first song on my album because I love to surprise my fans. They have no idea which direction I’m going to go for real. This is for now, though. This song is for now. That’s why I think I should go against what I believe when it comes to my album configuration because the song is so now. By the time May 5 comes there’s going to be so many more tragedies because the world is not ran by people that want to love. It’s ran by people that don’t realize that we need each other to get through all this shit. Everybody needs each other. We all need each other. All races of people need each other. Mutherfuckers say they don’t fuck with this kind of people but they need these people. Mutherfuckers might say “I don’t fuck with Tech N9ne because he’s a weirdo,” but you need me. You need me to spread love because you don’t know nothing about it. What I have to say on all the things that are happening, especially with Boko Haram, what I learned from Big Scoob and Krizz [Kaliko], I was with them two different times. One thing they both said was—Scooby said it first—he said, “Man, what I’m realizing is I gotta stop trying to make people think that what I do is the right way. I should just let people do what they do.” Krizz Kaliko said, ‘Man, I just gotta stop thinking people are stupid that don’t think like me.” To try to murder somebody because they don’t think like you and don’t want to follow the things you follow is so unjust to me. It’s happening everywhere.



Tech N9ne Special Effects Splash

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