Tech N9ne Reveals That Song After ‘Aw Yeah?’ On ‘Special Effects’ Will Be About His Mother [SM Exclusive]

Jan 29 2015

Tech and Mama Yates
Tech N9ne and mother Maudie Sue Yates Khalifah

With “Aw Yeah?” (interVENTion), Tech N9ne dropped a bombshell on Strangeland and hip hop as a whole. Fans who listened instantly knew that with Tech’s upcoming album Special Effects they were in for something special indeed.

We talked to Tech N9ne about the song and he revealed what went into the making of it, why he released it so early and what happens after the intro on Special Effects.

Lounging in his office at Strangeland Studios, he had this to say:

“It’s a very important song. It’s called ‘Aw Yeah?’ with a question mark because it’s a question to God, but it’s subtitled ‘interVENTion’ because I need one and the whole world need one. The song is touching on a lot of things: the police problem, not all the police but bad police or confused police. It’s talking about Benghazi. It’s talking about Boko Haram, which breaks my heart that people are having to be hurt because they don’t like what they’re being taught education wise and they feel like they should have one way of thinking which is the Islamic way of thinking I guess, I don’t know. The song as a whole is just talking about everything that’s been fucked up in the past year or two or more: Australia, Paris. Everything is erupting. It’s just an outcry to God, like ‘Aw yeah? This is what’s supposed to be happening?’ This motherfucker’s crumbling. ‘Is this how history is supposed to end?’ I don’t think so, I think it should be with love. It’s another outcry to God, like ‘Aw, yeah?’

Boko Haram

“I never release the intro to my albums because I like to surprise my fans but this song is so now that I can’t possibly make people wait until May. You know how many tragedies are going to happen between now and May? I don’t see it getting any better. I don’t think so because it seems like Nigeria, the people over there, the people that run things over there are more worried about their election than the people being hurt over there by Boko Haram. So I think it’s now. I think it’s time. I don’t think I should wait until May to address it. I don’t think I should wait until May to address the cop problem. I don’t think I should wait until May to say Anonymous is hacking for peace. I don’t think I should wait until May 5th to let people hear the spew from my brain. I never get political with people because I’ve always been a smart guy and some of the things I do are pretty intricate and I just want people to follow it so this time I just let it all out, what I have thus far, because I’ll have more real soon as developments occur throughout the whole planet Earth. So ‘Aw Yeah?’ (interVENTion)” is just me crying to God like ‘Really?’

At the end of it I talk about all these things that are going wrong that I see and all the unjust things going wrong in the world and then the last thing I say is ‘But I ain’t even got around to asking you a question God? What about my Mama?’ That’s the last thing I say because I got so much I have to say about my mama but I just gave you my concerns in the world and I waited until the end to say “And oh, what about my mama though? What about lupus? What about epilepsy all her life? What about pancreatitis? What about diabetes? What about dementia? What about schizophrenia?” All of that my mama had before she left. What about that? So the second song is talking about my mama and the first song I let loose because I don’t think I should make people wait for the things that I’m saying which are right now to me.

Tech pours his life into his music, and since Something Else has been through a lot of life. We can only imagine comes out of this when we listen to Special Effects.



Tech N9ne Special Effects Splash

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