‘THE STRANGEST’ – A Column By MURS – March 13, 2015

Mar 14 2015



Hope you all have been having a nice life. I’m currently being driven through the French countryside. No 4G, no data, no IG, just me and my two German tour managers. But if I had access to the www all I would be doing is telling you to get off your ass and pre-order my new album HAVE A NICE LIFE. Do it now and get the first Felt song in 5 or 6 years. And it features Strange Music’s own bi-racial sensation CES Cru. I’m telling you black and white rap combos are the new wave bro! Imagine how much bigger the “No Flex Zone” kids would be if one of them was white?! You heard it here first.

Why in the FUCK is there a Doodle Jump comic book?! However, you should definitely check out Bitch Planet. It’s not what some of you are thinking it’s full of Feminism and kick ass female characters.


Speaking of which, I believe Ronda Rousey could totally kick Manny Paquiao’s ass. And yeah, I got Floyd. Money Team!!! LOL how could Manny possibly compete with that many Phantoms and swimming pools?!!!

I was in Zurich, Switzerland last night. About four Strange chains in the building. Stevie Stone shirts and shit. It was dope! Jumped in the crowd did my verse for the cipher and this dude knew every word. Always amazed when someone who speaks another language respects my words enough to commit them to memory. Having a nice life over here. And I hope you beautiful mf’ers are having the same.

Wu Tang is forever.




If you’re reading this hit me up with a hey a fuck you a whatever. It’d be nice to know I wasn’t just talking to myself.



MURS Have A Nice Life