‘Tech N9ne Gives You Something You Can’t Get Anywhere Else’ – DJ Booth Praises Tech N9ne’s ‘Special Effects’

May 5 2015

Special Effects Reviews


Tech N9ne’s Special Effects is finally out. Cue the reviews!

The first of what is sure to be many reviews on Tech N9ne’s 15th album come from the homies at DJ Booth. Writer Lucas G. gave the album a spin and tried to write as apt as a review as he could considering he’s only had a day to digest the 24-track epic. While Tech N9ne comes a bit harder than Lucas normal tastes (on songs like the intensely-loud “Wither”), he still couldn’t help but sing praise for Tech N9ne’s adventurous take on music and his ability to carve a distinct identity for himself.

As DJ Booth puts it:

I kind of touched on this above, but Tech is amazing at genre bending. His ability to incorporate so many different styles – Rap, Rock, Pop, R&B – is remarkable. No other artist has been able to do it as often and as successfully as Tech N9ne  and the result is the powerhouse that is Strange Music. As a writer, I have to find a voice for myself. My goal is to make sure a person reading knows it’s me before they get to my tagline. It’s hard, and even harder for rappers. If you don’t have unique hook, a personality, a product that fans can only get from you and you alone, you will not survive in this industry. As someone looking to craft a voice, I respect the fuck out of Tech N9ne. His voice, his “sound” comes from being able to hop all over the map, to create all types of songs and still sound at home. It’s astounding really. From the very first second of an Tech song you know who it is, you know what to expect, and yet you can still be surprised. That’s what makes an artist great. That sound is why Strange Music is such a force today. You may not love every song, I think a lot of my fellow backpackers will struggle with parts of this album, but you have to respect the fact that Tech N9ne gives you something you something you can’t get anywhere else. In this day and age, that’s very hard. Tech N9ne is living proof that in the end, music really does win out.




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