808 BENDERS – Stevie Stone’s 10 Hardest Bangers Of All Time [Editorial]

Jun 18 2015

Steve Stone
Photo by Trever Brandt

When it comes to Stevie Stone and his music, you know there’s one thing he’s going to deliver: beats with basslines that leave the speakers bleeding and the eardrums begging for more.

We assembled what we think are the 10 hardest banging songs of his catalog. With a collection of songs that play like a symphony of kick drums, 808s and basslines, this was a difficult list to narrow down, so make sure you tell us how we did in the comments section below. This doesn’t include all the songs on Malta Bend, just the ones we’ve heard so far, so this list could change as soon as


The most motivating rap song ever? It’s definitely a contender. If you’re struggling on the bench press, just put this on and watch the bar fly through the ceiling. Produced by Diesel Beatz, an unrelenting bassline carries Stone as raps like the Godzilla of hip hop, delivering a message so powerful that it motivated The Rock during workouts.

“Get Buck”Rollin Stone

Stevie Stone’s sense of musicality and flow precision is put to masterful display on the opening track to Rollin Stone. The production by Wyshmaster is built especially for systems, featuring a bassline so low that only your subs are going to pick it up.

“Rap Gamez Callin”New Kid Comin

If you haven’t copped New Kid Comin, may we suggest you do that ASAP for thumpers like this one. In what sounds like a vintage Neptunes track (think the kicks from “Grindin'” mixed with the synths from something like “I’m Serious”), Stevie raps about being in high demand despite being the new kid on the scene.

“The Reason”2 Birds 1 Stone

The turn up anthem of turn up anthems. The thump in this song is, in a word, profound. Play this song and try sitting still.

“Run It”Malta Bend

Stevie Stone and Seven turned out to be a match made in 808 heaven, and the first single from Malta Bend proved to be one of Stevie’s hardest bangers of all time. Seven did a wonderful job at matching Stevie’s sounds, providing the low-end that has as much thump as it does rumble.


A song to add inches to your vertical, Stevie and Kutt go off the hinges over a hyperactive kick drum and a chorus bassline that rounds out the proceedings perfectly.

“Midwest Explosion”New Kid Comin

What was probably the initial impression that many of you have of Stevie Stone, this song features two of the midwest’s finest going at it, with Tech N9ne and Stevie Stone ripping a pounding beat to shreds. The motif of huge drums on New Kid Comin is represented in fine fashion with this number.

“808 Bendin”Rollin’ Stone

Tech and Stevie go at it again over Johnny Juliano’s instrumental of 808s that are tuned so perfectly that you can feel them through your computer speakers. For producers that wonder why mixing your instrumental is so important, listen to this song and understand why.

“Turn It Up”Momentum

Frizz incorporates trap elements but does it in a way that’s way more upbeat than anything you’ll hear from Lex Lugar. A full basement of kicks and bass hits and thin top-end snares make up this track that simply moves more than anything you’ll hear with the same elements involved. Frizz is one of the most slept-on producers that make up the Strange Music sound.

“Rain Dance”Malta Bend

Tribal chants and thundering drums make up this instrumental that brings out the primitive mack in Stevie Stone, Tech N9ne, and Mystikal. Seven brings a beat that not only is new to Stone, but new to the genre.


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