‘I Think I’m Bringing A Tone That’s Been Missing From Hip Hop’ – Stevie Stone Talks ‘Malta Bend’ With HipHopDX

Jul 3 2015

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With the decision to make an album that plays from front to back, instead of a mish-mash of the best songs that he recorded in said amount of time, Stevie Stone is taking it back to the days of wayback with his album Malta Bend.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Stevie Stone breaks down the content and themes of Malta Bend. Citing his ability to create a cinematic experience and an album that plays all the way through, Stevie marks that Malta Bend is bringing back a great element that has been largely absent in the days of singles and instant, endless content.


I think that the fans are going to have an in-depth look on even before me. On Malta Bend, on the first song I start with my mother’s life. I don’t come into the picture until the second. There’s narration. It’s definitely more skit oriented than I’ve ever done before. It’s still a party. It’s still a rollercoaster ride. There’s a serious tone towards the end of the album. I call it a movie because you can visualize what’s happening with the skits. I think the fans will get an in-depth look and I think they’ll love it because it’s honest. If you’re a Stevie Stone fan, you’re gonna fuck with it. If you’re just now learning about it and getting to learn it, it’s going to put you on to something. I think I’m bringing a tone that’s been missing from Hip Hop for a while. I’m anxious to see the feedback. It’s definitely the best work that I’ve done, definitely evolved from the last album. I’m encouraging everyone to walk on this journey with me. I encourage everybody to walk through Malta Bend. Tap in.


  • What are your favorite “complete” albums that are great from front to back?

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