‘AUDIO CAMERAS’ – Prozak’s Five Most Cinematic Songs [SM Exclusive]

Sep 25 2015

PROZAK Cinematic

Prozak has once referred to his lyrics as “audio cameras.” The music and film multi-talent has often seen his skills cross over, resulting in evocative songs that paint a picture just as well as they get our heads nodding.

We’ve gone through Prozak’s extensive catalog to pick out the five songs that we think best represent Prozak’s ability to turn our stereos into film projectors. Whether it’s through incredible storytelling or through the production choice, these songs have us reaching for popcorn.

We’ll have to wait and see whether any songs from Black Ink make the list after it drops on October 17, but in the meantime feast your ears on these audio movies.

“Crossing Over”Tales From The Sick

Prozak takes us inside the hospital room of his dying friend, reporting the observations of a man hanging on to his life. The patient’s self-destructive tendencies are recounted, painting a backstory to what turns out to be his demise. What would normally be a hospital scene is also given another dimension, as Prozak paints a picture of demons lurking in the corner, waiting to snatch the soul of a dying man.

Scene II

Now your body’s shaking
I can see the demons over in the corner waiting
Salivating, waiting for you to cross over
The threshold of mortality and death’s border
Close my eyes and hold your hand now it’s getting colder
Knew you were upset, depressed and some what bi-polar
I tried to warn you but as usual you wouldn’t listen
Your face is pale your bodies numb and now your tears glisten
On a mission to self destruct but now you’re wishing
For the regret and blind hope and false intuition
You try and try to hold on, but there’s nothin’ left
Knowin’ each and everyone could be ya last breath
That takes you to your final rest

“Tell A Tale Of Two Hearts”Paranormal

Shades of Ghost mixed with the urgency of cinema’s finest chase scenes make “Tale of Two Hearts” a devastating story of love between the material and spiritual realms. The song’s narrators, separated by life and death, give their mutual perspectives on their longing for each other, which we soon find out knows no bounds. By the song’s shocking conclusion, true love takes on a whole different meaning.

Scene I

Everything you do, I’m right there
Please wake me from this nightmare
You can’t seem to see me but I’m right here
Transparent, in the night air
Afraid to walk in the light
And so I stay here and watch you at night
Try to hold dear everything in our life
If I thought I had more time I would’ve made you my wife
But I never seen it coming it was so fast
Tried to hold on, but I couldn’t last
As I laid dying, everything flashed
All our hopes and dreams are now passed
I’m still beside you, but you can’t see
I know you want it back, but it can’t be
I’m afraid the darkness now has me
Just try to move on and be happy

“Nowhere To Run”We All Fall Down

A western feel mixes with pre-apocalyptic imagery in this harrowing warning from the criminally underrated We All Fall Down. Seven’s sweeping production sets the stage perfectly for Prozak’s serial indictment of the world’s ills.

Scene II

Sea levels rising
Peace sells, who’s buyin’
Prison cells full volume
Chemtrails, who’s flyin’
Infidel stealthbombers NSA Al Qaeda
NRA ricochet bombs away wild fires
Terrorism airliners TSA soul bias
Phone taps drone attacks
Politicians all liars
Look on the bright side
But wait which side is brighter
They been looking awful dark to me I don’t know which is lighter
Closed eyes, closed minds no one seems to mind that
We’re running out of time
Last call we’re checking out and
From where I’m sitting hard to say
We don’t deserve it and
I’m not preaching, I’m just as guilty as you man
Nobody is perfect

“It Was You”Tales From The Sick

Prozak encounters the Angel of Death in this harrowing narrative. Once again, Seven provides the score, laying down an instrumental replete with orchestral sounds, most prominently being the harp, which sets the ominous tone of Prozak’s steady descriptions.

Scene I

A hot summer night
I was in my bed
I couldn’t sleep a wink
Just laid awake instead
I slipped out the sheets careful not to wake her up
Insomniac restless got me shaken up
I walked down the hall way and out the front door
Took a seat on the steps of my front porch
The rain was cooling bouncing heavy off that concrete
Lightning lit the sky and thunder crashed around me
I saw a man on the corner in the pouring rain
I’m thinking homeless, hopeless or just insane
I called out to him sir can I help you
No reply he was motionless, statue
I started walking down the sidewalk to approach him
Dressed in black and he stood taller than most men
His trench coat stood still though the wind blows
Déjà vu premonitions innuendos
The car passing by
The headlights lit his face
Knew you from somewhere, somebody, some place
I seen you before at the hospital
My family was crying you were smiling when you passed us all
My uncle died that night
And now I’m looking back
There was a thunder storm yeah and you were dressed in black
With the thoughts and memories come to light, come to think about it

“Time”We All Fall Down

Like any great emotional finale, “Time” plays out like a realization of change and the grim acceptance of things that have passed. Prozak reflects over another Seven masterpiece of emotional pianos, strings and amazing drum grooves from Kansas City legend Go-Go Ray.

Scene II

The sorrows of my life help to ease the pain in others
They can sense it in my voice, all the rain and thunder
All the strain, all the shame, all the stress I’m under
It makes for better songs, real emotions when you suffer
All these lyrics, each and every word is therapy
Spilling my soul on the paper, then use speakers to set it free
But honestly I’m just a self tortured oddity
Intolerably downing myself and second guessing all of me
Awfully complicated and jaded, so plain to see
Orchestrated chaos it’s I’ll ever be
A melodic harmony lost from the darkest odyssey
Tossed in deepest oceans, civilization so outta reach

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