Tech N9ne Donates Bras To Domestic Abuse Shelter

Jan 29 2016


Who knew that all those times that Tech N9ne had bras flying his way that they would eventually go towards a good cause?

Tech N9ne is no stranger to affection from his fans, sometimes in the of the ladies in the crowd “donating” their lingerie to the stage during Tech N9ne’s performance of “Areola”.

Tech and Strange turned the collection of bras over to the Ladies of Hope House in Lee’s Summit, a domestic abuse shelter for women in the area. Tech revealed to the shelter that he knows the effects of abuse all too well, as his mother was beaten up by an old boyfriend, forcing Tech to flee his own home during the tender times of elementary school. A news crew was also on board to capture the event.

Tech posted about it on his Instagram, check it!

This morning at Strangeland Studios with the Ladies of Hope House Lees Summit during our news interview about me donating the bras we received at our shows that we are giving to Domestic violence shelters! They were so nice and thankful! I told them how I was one of those kids that had to witness my mom getting beat by an old boyfriend back when I was in 3rd and 4th grade and how we were always running to a relatives house to get away from him.I told them how at one point we had to run all the way over to KCK and stayed in a house right on Quindaro for a while cause he beat her really bad that time so I had to do a bit of fourth grade over there in KCK at an elementary school called Benjamin Banneker. That was news for even the news team filming! They had no idea that I connected so well with women and children escaping life threatening abuse! This interview was beyond Areola! But look what such a ridiculous parody song turned into! 3Dimensional T9!

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