How Bernz’s Solo Debut Was Created Part II [SM Exclusive]

Jul 5 2016


BernzIntPt2See You On The Other Side, we sat down with Bernz to give you an exclusive look into the creation of the album.

Check out what he had to say below!

So, “It Don’t Go” with CES Cru, what was it like working with them on that track?

It was cool. We were on tour when we recorded that. I got the beat on the road, I did my verses on the road, it was really rad. I was on the road during the Independent Powerhouse Tour when we recorded that song and it was dope. It was last minute, the album had to be turned in, in the middle of the tour. When I left for the road I had about 12 tracks, and I knew I was going to find what I needed out on the road; and I did. I got that last beat from David Grants for “It Don’t Go”, and put CES Cru on it. I also got a beat from Gianni Ca$h and The Pushers for “Sundays Sin”, which I put Krizz Kaliko on. I did that one the road as well.

Tech N9ne finished his verse for “Quiet Place” on the road too. There was quite a bit of work done on the road. CES Cru is amazing – they are the best rappers ever. Godemis came in with a totally different delivery that was so cool and what they were saying was so rad. They are the best.


Have you come up with a storyline for the video yet?

I think it is going be a take of Reservoir Dogs. Its one of our favorite movies, we are Tarantino freaks around here. Any chance we get to do something that feels like a movie we are going to go ahead and do it. That is what we are doing.

Let’s talk about “Call Me In The Morning”. You had Gianni Ca$h produce this track. Can you tell me a little more about the song?

Gianni Ca$h produced on “Call Me In The Morning”. I always loved the beat. This is a beat that I had heard about three or four months before I knew I had a solo album. It took me a second to figure it out. My friend Khris, also known as Stige, came through to help me write the hook. We were sitting there and then we got the melody and the red cup part. Then it was like, ok, “Call Me In The Morning” and it all just came together.

I just love the beat and I love the song, man. I wanted to put some songs out there that you could play at a party. Like here on tour playing my album on the road, that is the one song everybody kept asking for. So, it is like a feel good track. I think a lot of my album is kind of like that. I try to keep it light and I try to keep it quirky and fun. That is kind of the vibe and I think “Call Me In The Morning” encompasses that vibe.

And so we’ll be seeing a lot of that in the music video?

Yeah, I hope so. Some red cups and some partying. That is how we do it.


So let’s go into “Smoke N’ Fuck”. That is pretty straight forward.

It is very straight forward. Really, it is a weed empowerment song for women. It is for the girls out there that are like “you know what, I smoke, and I might just fuck as well”. It is not as chauvinistic as you think it is, it is actually about a girl that is all she wants to do. Usually smoking is like a boys’ club, so I feel like women are underrepresented when it comes to the fine art of cannabis. Especially beautiful women. They like to get high too. That is really it for me. It is a dumb and fun song but, its also reigns true as well. These women exist out there, shouts out to them.

The way the song came about is I was with my homie Infamous, I love the beat, and he was like like “Yea Bernz, “Smoke N’ Fuck”, that seems like something you’d say man” and I usually do not run with stuff like that, but I was just in the mood. I may have been a little bit high and I was like, you know what, alright let’s do it. So, shouts out to Infamous who produced that track and its just fun, it feels like summer. And hopefully they will be playing it at a cannabis cup near you.

It has a very sensual side to the beat and the lyrics so, how would you like that to be portrayed in the video?

I really think it would be cool. I think what we want to do is have a video with me and a girl. Hold up in a room, smoking, and having fun. I think that would probably be the best way to do it. The only way to do it justice really. I do not think we need a big video for that. We will see what happens.

What are your favorite tracks on the album?

My favorite tracks on the album are “Came To Say Goodbye”, again, that is why I put it up front. I think it encompasses the whole album. “Smoke N’ Fuck” as well. I think it is an amazing track. I really love “Outta My Brain”. I think Jarren Benton really helped set off the album. I have a tendency to always swing for the fences on my songs so that is like my attempt to swing for a fence on that one. I love so much of the album.

I love “It Don’t Go” and “Quiet Place”. Those are the ones I am constantly going to, and “Call Me In The Morning”. There are some deep songs on the album, like “Chasing Shadows”, that I do not play as much because I feel like they feel more personal. Sometimes the personal songs, I will leave them up to you guys to listen to and talk about. “Chasing Shadows” is something that I feel like you guys will probably enjoy.

I know you talked a little bit about “Outta My Brain”. Now that its been out for a little bit, how has the reception been?

It has been pretty cool. I hope now that we released a video, more people will get their eyes on it, and get a feel for it. It has been fun. I know I am warm in the waters, so people do not even really expect anything from me yet. It has been fun to see people’s reaction for everything. “Outta My Brain” has been dope. Everybody thinks Jarren killed it as well, so, thank you Jarren.


What do you want See You On The Other Side to do for your career, either solo or with ¡MAYDAY!?

Just open more doors and get more ears. I never thought I would be a solo artist, so really anything that happens is icing on the cake. I am completely humbled, excited, and happy to see what happens and I am coming into this with no expectations. I feel like I have waited a long time to be able to do this, and it just kind of came naturally. I just really wanted to make a quirky album to represent the quirkiness that is me and what I like. I feel like I have pretty much achieved that. Lets just have fun, lets turn up, I will see you on the other side. That is the vibe.

Last but not least, who did the the album artwork for you?

The album artwork was done by my homies, Liquid 9, which is Strange Music’s in house people. I came in with an idea and a vibe and they were great. They were able to execute it for me, so shouts out to them. It was a great collaboration. They did our first ¡MAYDAY! cover, Take Me To Your Leader, and helped me create the ¡MAYDAY! logo. We have worked with them in the past so I was really happy about the results.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.42.47 AM

Great, is there anything else you want to say about the album?

Just check it out, it is out July 8th at a store near you. We have a lot of surprises for you, a lot of cool videos, a lot of cool visuals, shouts out to everybody who was a part of the album. Shouts out to Tech N9ne and Travis O’Guin for letting me make a solo album. Shouts out to my brothers of ¡MAYDAY! for hanging loose and watching me make this whole thing and I hope you all enjoy it, and again, I’ll see y’all on the other side. Peace.

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