Watch: Strange Music & Guitar Hero Collide

Jan 3 2017

It was little known fact on the third floor of Drayer hall that I was the Guitar Hero champion…of “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and only “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” I’m fairly confident when it came to that solo I could out-axe Slash, but for any other song in the history of Guitar Hero…I might as well not have hands. And don’t even get me started on Rock Band. Even the bare-bones “Seven Nation Army” on easy would send me smashing guitars like the cover of a Clash album.

If you think regular Guitar Hero is tough… imagine trying to keep up with Tech’s feverish flow or Mackenzie’s ballad-belting vocals.

While the above is simply a dramatization, thanks to Youtuber, guitarist, Guitar Hero hero, Cody Ryan you can. On his Youtube channel, GamingCanBeFun, Ryan modded Guitar Hero so you can play to the vocals of Tech and Mackenzie on “Erbody But Me” and “We’re Not Sorry” respectively. Check it out!

I don’t know what’s more impressive, how he nails each and every line with alacrity or the fact he actually took two dizzying, epic songs and made them playable on Guitar Hero. Peep more of his Guitar Hero mods (including more Strange selections like “My Window” and The Storm‘s “What If it Was Me”  on his Youtube channel) and be sure to add “Erbody But Me” and “We’re Not Sorry” to your library so you can practice yourself for when Activision puts them all in the next version.  Great work, Cody!

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  • Which song would you like to see Cody take on next?

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