“They Are Master Emcees”: Rittz Talks Ces Cru Collaboration & Plans For 2017

Feb 3 2017

After dropping Top Of The Line back in May, Rittz has been quiet, so, when his name appeared on the tracklist for Ces Cru’s Catastrophic Event Specialists

With last years Independent Powerhouse Tour under their belts, it’s exciting to see Rittz, Godi, and Ubi back together again, unfortunately it means waiting until February 10th (when Catastrophic Event Specialists drops) to hear what the three fleet-of-flow emcees have cooked up. To tide fans over, we sat down with Rittz to ask him a few questions about his guest spot on “Rubble.”

You are a big fan of CES music, what is it about them that draws you in?

First and foremost, CES Cru are my boys. Last year we went on tour and it was just us on the bus, so I’m really close with those guys. Getting to be on the bus, and in the studio, the vibe is always great. They are master emcees. I respect lyricism at the end of the day, and those guys are the epitome of that. That comes first with them. Those dudes are rapper’s rappers.

I admire the chemistry of what they have as a group and how they are like brothers, how their styles click so much. It really let me know how two artists can be that compatible. It’s crazy. It’s a cool thing to see, especially when the two emcees are as good as they are.

Do you remember the first song you heard from them? What was your reaction?

I wasn’t previously up on CES Cru before they signed with Strange. They signed right before me, so when I came out, and Travis was showing me around headquarters, he showed me the video for “Colosseum” and I was so impressed.  I was like ‘Woah, shit”. It was kind of intimidating, because these dudes were spittin’ and I had to come after it.

Let’s talk your verse on “Rubble” off Catastrophic Event Specialists. Did you record it with them? How did you come up with the direction of your verse? 

Most of the time when I do features,  I’m never there in the studio, but this time I was lucky enough to be out in Kansas City shooting a video and I got to record the verse in the studio with them. They needed it quick, so some of that verse I had pieces of it– a few lines–and I put it together. I didn’t write a verse on the spot, I just had some stuff already that was perfect for it and laid it down.

From touring, from the late night freestyles we had on the bus, they know that I’m not all about the double time, they know I like to rap on beats where I don’t have to rap fast and I really like that. They gave me a beat where I can show that other side of me. So that was great about that record.  It took me out of the comfort zone and shows I can do other things.

Is there anything you learned from touring and recording with them that you are applying to how you approach your music?

One thing about them is their confidence. Not in a cocky or arrogant way, but they know they are good at what they do. Sometimes I can troll myself, and overthink things, but I see Godi and Ubi go in and get to it. They aren’t second guessing because they know what they are rapping is dope.

CES Cru aside, what do you have planned this year?

“I’m working on a lot of features. I did a couple records for the collabos project and I hope those make it. I’m really just  waiting on Seven to give me some heat and I’m going to start my next album. After that I’m trying to hit Europe up then come back and release the album and go on a fall tour.”

This was meant to satiate the ravenous appetites of fans, but unfortunately I think it did the opposite. The way Rittz talked about “Rubble” the respect he has for the Cru, it’s clear being on the road really forged a bond between the three adapt emcees.  Combine that chemistry with the fact that Kato–who produced Top Of The Line’s “Ghost Story” and “Back To Yesterday”–is behind the boards and “Rubble” is shaping up to be a can’t miss track!