Video Screens & Bus Breakdowns: Tech N9ne Recaps Two Weeks of the Strictly Strange Tour 17

Apr 11 2017

Nap time is sacred.

Phone off, blinds closed, music playing at the perfect volume. Sleep is important…and I can only imagine how much more when on tour.

Traveling, meeting fans, rocking the stage for two hours, then doing it all over again each and every night? You’ll definitely need your rest. That’s why I felt so bad interrupting Tech’s designated nap time to ask a few questions about the tour.

 Lucky for me, Tech didn’t mind at all, and happily sacrificed nap time to give a quick update into the first few weeks of the Strictly Strange Tour 17.

As you already know, Tech’s live show is unparalleled; even if you haven’t seen it you’ve heard about it. The schedule rigorous and the show he puts on is second to none, so, when Tech himself says the new show is “something I’ve never seen before in the history of performances” you know it has to be huge. Still, with rehearsals under lock and key, nobody knew what to expect…until he hit the road. Turns out…yeah, it’s bigger than ever!

Obviously, the biggest addition to Tech N9ne’s set is the video screens. Not only do they add a new wrinkle to the live show–something visually stunning to bring the spectacle of a Strange show to the next level–but they serve a bigger purpose and have a deeper meaning.

The screens allow for Tech to showcase his three personas–the king, the clown, and the G–all at once. While one takes center stage, the others aredepicted on the screens, supporting the on-stage persona with video AND audio. In a sense, Tech N9ne and his personas are his own hypemen.

Being a huge undertaking and something so unique, it was a big taking point of our quick, post-nap conversation.

Obviously the biggest addition to the show is the video screen, can you tell me a little about what the screens reperesent? 

The King, the Clown and the G have always been with me but I introduced them to the fans in ’06 on Everready, so, I thought it was time to do something and take it a bit higher. They’ve been seeing me one dimensional for so long, but being 3 dimensional, it was time to give the fans all three and it’s working.

What went into creating the screens?

It was the hardest thing because I had to learn all the over dubs the way we shot it. I would do it live on camera and live from he mic.  Being the guy who is always doing lead vocals it was harder than I thought to learn all the over dubs. It was so hard to do something like “Riot Maker.” The first week was a work in progress, but then we started to master it and now it’s like “wow. “It’s really put together now.

More generally, is there a moment for you where you get into the tour mindset? When does touring become “real” for you?

As soon as rehearsals start, that’s when you zero in. That’s when you know. When everybody is scheduling time when they can come get in on the mic before the tour goes out. That’s how you know and you get in the mindset and try to lock in and get it perfect. Everyday it got better and better and better.

Lastly, any memorable stories from the first few weeks?

The Bus broke down. [laugh]. That happened in Rapid City. We didn’t know until it was time to move on, they said they had to replace something so we’ve been on this other bus waiting for the regular bus to come back so we’ve been hustlin!

Normally, the bus breaking down might be the worst thing that happened on tour, but when you have video screens, synced with audio, at a live show where anything can happen, at least it’s only the bus that’s not working!

Get some rest, Tech…you’ve more than earned it already!

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