“The Label Is So Elite And We All Connect” – Tech N9ne Talks Collabos & Future Of Strange Music

Apr 3 2017

Dominion is the seventh collaborative album from Tech N9ne. Seven! That’s more collaborative albums than a lot of artists have solo projects!

It’s not as if they get easier as time goes on either…

The more artists that get added, the more flows and styles there are, the more work goes into making sure the Collabos album reflects all that Strange has to offer. Still, despite the growing roster, despite his own albums on top of a rigorous tour schedule, Tech is committed to putting the time and energy into the Collabos series.

His commitment to the collabos series was a big talking point in our exclusive interview. It brought out some really great quotes, as well as a small look into what the future holds for Strange Music.

What direction, if any, do you give the artists in creating songs for Collabos? Is it a very hands on approach for you?

The label is so elite and we all connect. We all have chemistry. It’s a good feeling to know that when you send somebody something and you get it back, you smiling like, “yeah.” I don’t have any artist where I have to be like, “that didn’t work.”

You either got it or you don’t. And I’m like a chameleon, I can adapt to any situation but we choose the artists that can actually go on a song and go with me or vice versa. I want to sign motherfuckers who challenge me.

I’m happy to still be a part of it. We’re a label and pretty soon you wont need “Tech N9ne Collabos.” It might be “Mackenzie Nicole Presents” or “Krizz Kaliko Presents,” you know? I’m happy to still be so tight on my game that I can be a part of it – that my name can carry it so late in the game.

What is a new way you were challenged? What’s something an artist did that you didn’t expect or know they had in their arsenal?

I didn’t know Mackenzie Nicole could rap. I heard some songs, some patterns. Might want to see if she’ll rap with me one day. She’s a songstress, but I didn’t know she had the flow. It made me smile.

What is it about “Collabos” albums that inspires you to continue the series?

The label is growing constantly and its gonna keep going.  We are going to keep on making collabos albums because it is important to the fans. They love it, and they are growing with us. We might have somebody new this time next year. You never know. It might be a female rapper… I hope.  It might be a metal group. I hope for that too.

What’s it like for you to sit back and hear the finished product?

I play the music more than anybody. I get on peoples nerves on tour, like “dude, you gonna listen to this record again?!” As soon as we get it mastered, I play it a million times. I’m the biggest Strange Music fan you’ve ever seen. I’m just so proud to see the growth of the label and see the other artists gaining fans.

We have the power to push them in the direction to grow. That makes me feel good. That’s what I want to do. I’m gonna make sure all of my artists get the proper shine and push, no matter what genre.

I feel TEN FEET TALL today cause I’m assembling the 1st of 2 collabos LPs due out this year! #DOMINION 2017!

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The Collabos series is such a unique concept. So often, artists on the same label exist in their own bubbles, but for Strange, it’s one big family. It’s so amazing to see all the different artists, each with their own distinct style, come together to form a cohesive album.

On top of being such a massive undertaking, it’s a great snapshot into where Strange Music, from Misery Loves Kompany to Dominion, you can see not only where Strange has gone, but where it’s headed.