Joe Budden Praises Tech N9ne’s Live Show: ‘One of the Better Performances I Have Ever Seen In Hip-Hop.’

May 1 2017

Between the dyed hair, the genre-bending, and of course the crazy live shows, the new generation of rappers are really pushing what it means to be a rapper. That’s all well and good–it’s exciting to see a new generation break convention–but it’s important to recognize the roots of this “new” style.

Hip-hop veteran, Joe Budden certainly does…

When discussing Travis Scott’s crazy live show–and the recent videos of fans jumping from balconies–on the”Everyday Struggle” Complex show with DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden pointed out that Tech N9ne was bringing the same type of energy and atmosphere long before the new era of performers.

“One of the better performances I have ever seen in hip-hop would be from a gentleman by the name of Tech N9ne of Strange Music…All this stuff you speak I only bring up Tech N9ne because in 2008, in 2007, in 2009, that’s where all the mosh pit hit was happening…it was lit… now that style of show seems to be commercialized”

Coming from Joe Budden, someone who has performed around the world (and rocked the stage on tour with Tech N9ne) it’s very high praise. It’s great to see performers, both new and battle-tested getting praise for taking live shows to the next level.

Speaking of the next level, despite already having the reputation as an incredible performer, Tech N9ne is never done elevating his show.

I mean, Have you seen the Strictly Strange Tour?