Tech N9ne Originally Supposed To Appear on Flatbush Zombies Remix With Snoop Dogg

May 19 2017

Collaborations between great artists are always exciting. A well placed feature from an artist can make a song an event, taking things to a whole different level–see Eminem or Korey Taylor.

Unfortunately, the life of an artist is always hectic, so finding time– let alone the right song–can be difficult. No matter how badly artists may want a collaboration to work, no matter how amazing the outcome would be, sometimes it just isn’t in the cards.

That’s the hand Tech N9ne and the Flatbush Zombies were dealt.

In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, The Flatbush Zombies revealed plans for a remix of a “Palm Trees” featuring Snoop Dogg and Tech N9ne. While Snoop ended up on the remake, unfortunately, Tech’s verse never came to fruition:

“Can I tell another secret…We were going to get Tech N9ne on it. So it was going to be us, Tech N9ne, and Snoop, but we decided it was going to be too much. It was going to be that but we just wanted Snoop to dig the song and shit so we wanted to pay homage to our most classic record at the time.”

While imagining Tech N9ne on that beat, combined with the unique styling of Snoop and Flatbush, can make your mouth water, it’s important to remember that forcing music is never the right move.

Would you rather have a Tech N9ne-Flatbush cut that doesn’t sound quite right or wait for a collaboration that’s perfect? Considering Tech and Flatbush are close, I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long. In fact, Tech is certainly down to reconnect.

When we asked Tech about the remix that never happened, Tech responded with, “I’ll be waiting on the next song idea from the Zombies since this one didn’t happen! Love those guys!”