¡MAYDAY! ‘Search Party’ Tracklist Revealed!

Aug 3 2017

With Airplane Mode taking flight last week, and the first set of visuals released yesterday, Search Party season is in full effect. Naturally that includes the release of the full tracklist!

For producer nerds or fans who love a good feature, the tracklist release is the next best thing to the album dropping; the excitement and anticipation always skyrockets!

So to get properly hyped for ¡MAYDAY!’s Search Party let’s take a look-see at what we got coming our way.

1. Perimeter (prod.  ¡MAYDAY!)
2. Escape Plans (prod. Bernz & Danny “Keys” Perez of The Pushers)
3. News To Me (prod. Llamabeats)
4. How Would You Know (prod. Bernz & Danny “Keys” Perez of The Pushers)
5. Better Place (prod. Danny “Keys” Perez of The Pushers)
6. Long Night ft. Tech N9ne (prod. Bernz & Keith Cooper of The Pusher)
7. Pretender ft. Common Kings (prod. Danny “Keys” Perez of The Pushers & Gianni Ca$h for ¡MAYDAY!)
8. System ft. Common Kings (prod. NonMS)
9. Tempted (Prod. Wrekonize)
10. Extra (Prod. Llamabeats)
11. Have Someone ft. JL & Savannah Cristina (prod. Plex Luthor for ¡MAYDAY!)
12. Airplane Mode (Prod. The Pushers)
13. Save Me From Myself ft. Stige (Bernz & The Pushers)
14. DO (prod. Llamabetas & Mitch Geist)
15. Same Old Us ft. Danny Acosta (prod. Wrekonize)
16. One Way Trip (Prod. Bernz)
17. Don’t Rescue Me ft. Rudi Goblen(prod. Bernz)