WATCH: ¡MAYDAY! Takes You Behind The Scenes With Part 1 of ‘The Making of Search Party’

Aug 9 2017

The studio is a lot like the North Pole. Considering how many gifts are made there, nobody (outside of the lucky few who are there) really know what goes on.

Sure you know someone plays a keyboard or raps into a mic in the studio, but whats he vibe like? What was said? Who did what? How did they come up with that amazing beat line or riff?

With Search Party on the horizon, ¡MAYDAY! is giving you the chance to see how the album was made with intimate, in-depth look studio sessions through a series of “Making of Search Party” videos.

The first installment picks up right at the beginning of Search Party with the ¡MAYDAY! looking back while moving ahead.