A Look At Strange Music Hollywood’s Massive Video Screens!

Aug 18 2017

In an effort to take Strange Music global (or “Strange The World” as JL would say), Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin has taken Strange to the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, with an office and event space known as “Strange Music West” or Strange Music Hollywood.

Located on Hollywood Boulevard, next to the Dolby Theater, Strange Music Hollywood gives Strange a presence on one of the biggest, most-visited streets in the nation.

Helping ensure that presence is felt are some amazing video screens that overlook the highly trafficked street, playing a constant loop of all the Snake & Bat artists!

Having just been installed and set live this week, it was only fitting that Travis and Mackenzie were on site to take in the monumental moment and document it for posterity.


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AFTER!!! Testing..1, 2 Testing 1,2,2,2 !!!Awwwwwww shit… Here we go!

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The screens in and of themselves are a great addition to the Strange empire, but when you consider where Strange started way back in the day–in Travis’ basement–it becomes all the more amazing.

Even better, things at Strange Music Hollywood are just getting started.

And so it begins…

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