What They Gettin’ Into?? Tech N9ne Details Night Out With Rick Ross On ¡MAYDAY!’s “Long Night”

Aug 31 2017

Despite how glamorous the life of a rapper may seem, sometimes, it’s all in our heads. The realty of tour is, more often than not,  long nights, cramped buses, and having to shower in truck stops.

Sometimes however, it is all it’s cracked up to be.

Like when say, you link up with Rick Ross at the club after killing the stage for two hours. As you do when you do it big, you do it for the gram.

But a simple post doesn’t tell the whole story. To get the whole picture of one of the more wild nights on the Strictly Strange Tour 17, you’ll have to listen to Tech N9ne’s verse on ¡MAYDAY!’s new Search Party release, “Long Night.”

According to Tech’s verse, the night goes like this…

10:00 PM— Tech hits the stage

12:00 AM–Tech steps off stage and hits up Rick Ross.

1:00 AM— Tech calls an Uber.

1:30 AM— Tech and Krizz arrive at the club.*
*Tech and Krizz are  handed bottles of Rose from Rozay.
*No cups…Straight from the bottle…Real baller shit.
*Speaking of baller shit…Rick Ross gets paid $60k for a walk through.
*He still did five songs though.

3:30 AM— Ross hands the mic over to Tech to do a song, because apparently a 2 hour show wasn’t enough…

4:00 AM— Tech & Krizz say their goodbyes and head out in a Uber.

5:00 AMBack on the tour bus

5:30 AM (to ?:?? AM)— See “Technology” 

Just another day in the life of the number one independent rapper in the world…