Tech N9ne Previews Strange Reign Effort “Let Go”

Sep 15 2017

Tech N9ne’s Instagram is the best place to get pictures of Tech in a cowboy hat and posts from The Clown, but it’s also an insider source for unreleased music.

Just as he did with the first collabos of 2017, Dominion, and as he’s doing with Planet, Tech posted an video of him listening to Strange Reign cut “Let Go” which features, Tech, Scoob, and Darrein.

Erybody hongry, ery night we on three, Aaron fight the Fahrenheit of very trifling homies when they starrin right befoe me like they care but they parasites and only wanna rare bite of millionaire rice a roni! On yo nose, the flare light is there like a Hongi lead your layered life to lonely. Nigga you best leave my premises, you don’t wanna be my nemesis imma put it on the b. i . b. l. e. (DIE) then I read my Genesis. Nigga I train and I train for when they aim for my change, at the range ain’t a thang they know my name and it’s Strange, leave your brains on the terrain dead if he came for the games not to explain but me and my dame keep a thang and it BANGS! EKK KET KET KET KET KET POOH POOH PDDDIT nigga, takin the living to necro, they never knew Missouri killas would be hillbillies like Jethro, Bodine, slept slow, codeine I’m so mean like Destro and I got the green like a gecko and imma never let go of it! (LET GO) FEAT. @bigscoob567 and @darreinsaffron #STRANGEREIGN OCTOBER 13th

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It’s awesome to hear unreleased music, but what really makes the posts is Tech’s energy. Seeing how excite he is for the music, how passionate he is, and how much fun he’s having makes the post that much more exciting and refreshing. Tech really and truly loves each and every song he’s a part of.