Eminem References “Speedom” Verse On New Song “Walk On Water”

Nov 10 2017

Everyone in hip-hop has been watching Eminem’ resurfacing, anxiously awaiting the release of something new from one of the best emcees of all time.

Now, with the release of “Walk On Water” featuring Beyonce, we are all collectively pouring over every bar, soaking up everything we can.

Technicians with a keen ear may have caught it, but in case you didn’t, there’s a line we simply have to point out.

“But I’m doing my best to not ruin your ex-pectations and meet ’em, but first, the “Speedom” verse”

Eminem could have picked any song to pinpoint because everything he does gets over overanalyzed, so the fact that he picked “Speedom” over everything else is a nice little easter egg for us Technicians!