Common Kings Recruit ¡MAYDAY! for “Today’s A Good Day”

Dec 1 2017

Rarely do tours between two different acts result in anything more than empty beer cans and smelly buses, but Common Kings and ¡MAYDAY! aren’t your typical groups.

Since coming together for the Lost In Paradise Tour, earlier this year ¡MAYDAY! and Common Kings have become fast friends, collaborating not once, not twice, but three times.

After recruiting Common Kings for Search Party album standouts “Pretender” and”System”, ¡MAYDAY! returns the favor, guest spotting on Common Kings latest effort,  “Today’s a New Day.”

Rooted in Common Kings’ distinct stylings, “Today’s A New Day” hosts JR’s vibrant vocals fused with a high-energy yet laid-back, carefree atmosphere that is guaranteed to clear your head.

Though their hip-hop style brings a unique spice to the track Bernz and Wrekonize share in the vibes set by their tour brethren, urging you to put the bullshit aside and focus on making today all it can be with that signature ¡MAYDAY! energy.

Curious to hear more about the (now) Grammy-nominated Common Kings and their relationship with Strange music pillar, ¡MAYDAY!?

Check out their recent interview with Strange Music’s in-house Dash radio station Independent Grind below!