All The Planet Snippets Shared By Tech N9ne (So Far)

Dec 18 2017

Good news, bad news.

Good news?

Tech N9ne has announced that his next album, Planet will be released March 3rd, 2018.

Bad News?

We have to wait until March 3rd, 2018. (Cue Price is right horn).

Album announcements always cause excitement, so in the event that you are hungry for some insight into Planet, well, it’s been right in front of you the whole time.

Interspliced with battles with Christmas Trees and tours of his house, Tech N9ne has steadily been sharing some snippets of tracks of Planet.

Here all the snippets so far!

“Drink Up”

Previewed back in August, Tech N9ne let party-anthem “Drink Up” marinate until Thanksgiving. It might have been a long wait, but having the song soundtrack Black Wednesday, one of the booziest days of the year, was too perfect. Check out the full version now!

“Bad JuJu”

Not exactly an Instagram snippet, but we couldn’t not include another look into Planet. If it was dope enough to make Strange Reign, it’s definitely dope enough for this article!

“Red Byers”

Pac told me reach the block homies, when the thot's know me then you get guacamole, still gotta watch police even if you got dough these Haza's will not scold me cause I am not Toby. I am a KING, I made my mark on this planet I am CHA CHING, that's my Asian name I get dough for rhyming Supreme I was po now I am a thing I was low as slime in latrines, that's amazin mane I put the WOOP on it a few moments then you gon get a new song wit soo woo on it the youth want it in groups to use the loop on this a bad man, that's what I am an odd one never ask me what your broad done imma say to the brethren Wa Gwan! Solid as Haile Selassie so it's nobody ta stop me plus I got Maudie to watch me free from the thotties debauchery! Stay away from fed wires come fake with us and you gonna get lead fired cause we known to SAY SOM'N DO SOM'N, RED BYERS! (RED BYERS) FEAT. @bigscoob567 @krizzkaliko Produced by @michaelsevensummers #PLANET2018 captured by @krizieluv

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Named after a close friend of Tech N9ne and Big Scoob, Red Byers brings together the OGs of KC with Tech, Scoob, and what sounds like an amazing hook from Krizz Kaliko.

“Fresh Out”

Fed up with everything I'm cynical than I ever been I'll make the Beretta ring if any comin up at a king alluding to leveling a leader livin a better dream, kinda like the brotha on the side of Coretta King! But the people they made me a monsta I need a getaway and may need some Contra,band in my hand I'm goin crazy and bonkas, like I'm rich and my baby's Ivanka! They don't give a damn about a good nigga they wanna take what you givin and put you out in the river without a particular bout I give you doubt if you is a, fallacy giver and nothin but a salary digga! Imma relay the message you're gonna decay if karma displays a deathbed you wanna delay the drama today that tech said he gonna repay, the one in the way I check it wit a Llama ta spray! When I spit it, niggas, quit it, cause I come wit it, big digits, got em livid, when I quick flip it, they don't wanna dig it but the spirit is not authentic not a pity party but I'm fed up with the hatred and how they wanna spit upon and hit the gentle faces, not even knowing we sick and mental cases I open up they mouth wit a fully and dental they shit! (FRESH OUT) FEAT. @swishersleep206 produced by @denaunondos #PLANET 2018 (Fresh Out) inspired by @therock

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What can we say about “Fresh Out” that hasn’t already said about the atom bomb?

Seriously though, with Tech N9ne going in like that over a beat from Denaun Porter AKA Mr. Porter, “Fresh Out” is one of those must listens!

“Not A Damn Thing”

With all these high-energy, crazy cuts like “Fresh Out”, it’s good to see Tech take a more laid-back approach. Though reminiscent of “Slacker” that crisp beat paired with interesting hook definitely gives this one a super fresh feel.

“Never Stray”

Though the video features “Bad JuJu” guest, King Iso, “Never Stray” hosts, instead Nave Monjo, who delivers a powerful hook paired with a more calm, pensive Tech.

Based on the snippet (and all the others) “Never Stray” sounds like it will be a great change a pace.

“No Reason”

Snippets are a great small window in an album, but they are just that, a window, a preview; you can’t replay them over and over like you would the actual song. That being said, the power, virulence, and attitude of this “No Reason” preview, is best played on repeat until March 2, 2018.

“Sho Nuff”

So, is erybody wit me? (SHO NUFF) Produced by @demjointz #PLANET March 2nd!

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The most recent snippet, posted a few days ago, features Tech N9ne in a car (hopefully not driving) rockin’ out to the Dem Jointz produced effort. “Sho Nuff” combines the celebratory upbeat feel of a “Not A Damn Thing” with an attack that sounds reminiscent of “No Reason.” Combining the best of both worlds makes this one a Planet standout.

Well, there we have it, all the Planet snippets Tech has shared so far. With a few months left to go, wouldn’t surprise us if he lets a few more go so keep a close eye on his Instagram and be sure to reserve your copy of Planet today!

“Tech N9ne (Don’t Nobody Want None)”

Dedicated to all the dance crews and DJs, “Tech N9ne (Don’t Nobody Want None)” has that vintage, old-school feel, but with a Tech N9ne chopper-esque twist. The energy on this one is insane and it looks like a video featuring Kida The Great, is in the pipeline to really hammer home the high-energy, dance crew friendly feel.

“How I’m Feelin”

A New Years gift, Tech N9ne unveiled “How I’m Feeling” to kick off 2018. Fittingly the Seven produced effort sounds like it has a huge party atmosphere; of course, that doesn’t stop Tech from ripping it apart with a jabbing, uniquely-spaced cadence. The effort will also feature an artist who Tech called “the DOPEST FEMALE RAPPER IN THE GAME.” Unfortunately, he didn’t say who, so we’ll just have to wait and see.