“This Is Me Trying To Max Out”: Ubi Talks Tour and New Single “Lock Load Shoot”!

May 23 2019

Ubi has been an integral part of the It Goes Up Tour’s loaded line-up, rocking the stage night in and night out. Not one to forget about his fans who have yet (or are unable) to see him on tour, the Strange Music vet dropped off a brand new, visually-assisted cut in “Lock Load Shoot.”

How is tour going so far?
Tour is good, do a lot of shows, met a lot of people, and I’m getting used to performing by myself which is tight. Karma has joined me on the tour so he’s backing me up and “Bitty Betty” is happening on a daily basis so that’s a good time.
What other new Under Bad Influence songs are you playing live? 
I change the sets constantly. The way I have my rig set up, it’s full of tons of audibles. So I flip the setup all the time, I’m gonna flip it again, to coincide with the release of the new music. It’s been really enjoyable.
Have you done the new one, “Lock Load Shoot,” live yet?
Not yet. I’ve been sound checking it for about 2 weeks, so I’m ready to do it live, but I just haven’t unleashed it yet.
Before we get into the video, can you just talk about the song?
Well, actually, Seven made the beat and the beat was named “Abilities,” so I was going to actually name the song “Abilities.” I just decided to change it at the 11th hour. Based on the beat being called “Abilities,” that was my inspiration behind the shit, to just showcase my technical skill.
It does have a subject as well, but like you go to the gym, and you want to do your sets and your reps, but also you go to the gym and you wanna see how much weight you can put up, so this is me trying to max out.
And the video? Was it weird filming a video with so many animated effects and that are added after?
I trust the editors, but filming it, you know, you just gotta use your imagination.
Where did the cat come from?
That’s one of the video guys’ cat. James’ cat. That’s Gizmo. That cat fucked my suit up, shedding all over the place.
What’s your favorite shot?
There’s some very cool stuff in there man, it’s a very animated video. There’s a lot of accents, and the imagery comes to life; the lyrics come to life, but there really isn’t a favorite scene. I like how it stays moving, There are so many different looks. It keeps on switching up.

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