Tech N9ne Shares Post Reflecting On Overcoming Addiction

Aug 23 2019

One of the reasons Tech N9ne connects with his fans so well, and one of the reasons why he’s amassed such a loyal, passionate fanbase, is how open and honest he is about his own struggles.

Never afraid of getting deep in his music, Tech took that same mentality to Social Media, reflecting on being clean for thirteen years in an effort to help anyone who may be struggling.

Take a look!

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2002! Full on DRUG ADDICT on Molly, Adderall, Shrooms, GHB, Lysergic acid diethylamide, PCP, Promethazine, Weed and liquor! Sometimes all in 1 night! I almost died one night goin extremely hard in LA and decided to STOP! that was in 05! Ive been clean since 06! I wanted to live for my CHILDREN! I wanted to live to tell my fans my story and I didn't wanna let my business partner down by dying on things I hid from most when I could! I use to say I got high to kick it and I wasn't in pain but, now I know I was kickin it cause I WAS in pain! Pain cause I drifted from what my mom raised me to be! Her ANGEL BABY! I MADE IT! I'M HERE! I'M ANGEL BABY again mama! To my family members who never knew this, I'M SORRY! I'M GOOD NOW! To the one's reading this, if you're in PAIN, IT WILL CHANGE! IF YOU MAKE IT CHANGE! I MADE IT! YOU CAN TOO! L9VE, T9! Captured by @mikemillerphoto

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