Tech N9ne Praises King Iso’s Songwriting In Heartfelt Instagram Post

Aug 30 2019

With over 20 albums, Tech N9ne has clearly demonstrated his mastery of the English language, even adding a few of his own words to it. He’s also been unflinchingly honest about the struggles he’s faced in his own life. His ability to vocalize those feelings has become one of his strengths and empowers fans who may share similar feelings, but are not able to vocalize them. Still, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t put it into words and Tech is no different.

The same way fans find power in Tech’s ability to speak on heavy topics they struggle with, is the same way Tech feels about King Iso.

With the release of King Iso’s World War Me Entry: 1, Tech took a second to highlight how powerful Iso’s music is and how his songwriting touches on topics that even Tech struggles to get out.

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Often times throughout my life, Things would get so bad and unbearable that I would think to myself, "if I ended my time here on earth, then I wouldn't feel this pain I'm causing myself and others around me!" I always found reasons to not do it like, living for my kids and family, but I was still in pain mentally, physically and spiritually! I wanted so bad for things to start going another direction so I used my music as my therapy with songs like SUICIDE LETTERS, HAPPY ENDING, ALONE & HELLO WALLS just to name a few. I'd write those songs but still feel like the same tormented soul and I couldn't think of words that would resolve those empty feelings! I finally heard the words RECENTLY! Perfectly put! @therealkingiso said, I NEVER WANTED TO KILL MYSELF, JUST END A PART OF ME! BINGO BRO! That's EXACTLY what I've been doing year by year, ending vile parts of me! That's why this song EDICIUS is so IMPORTANT and PERFECT! For those of us that feel like it's something within pullin you down deep into a dark hole,  You can over power it by wanting to live a better life and REVERSING the thoughts of SUICIDE! THANK YOU KING ISO for this perspective that I could never really find and put into words that could help so many of us with STAYING HERE, but just working on parts of ourselves that keeps us and others close to us in the DARK! From us at STRANGE MUSIC, I'm proud to bring to you the perspective I feel A LOT of us needed! EDICIUS By KING ISO! Thank you again bruh bruh! It helps me, I hope it helps you ALL as well! L9ve, T9! #THEMEDICINE

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