WATCH: King Iso – “Edicius” – Official Music Video

Sep 9 2019

Last week, King Iso kicked off the rollout for his debut album on Strange Music with the release of the first entry of World War Me, and, already fans have flocked towards the standout cut, “Edicius.” With some heartfelt lyrics and epic production, it’s not hard to see why; Iso delivered something truly special.

In addition to explaining the meaning behind the powerful track (see below), ISO also brought it to life with a brand new set of visuals which only add to the already impact of “Edicius.”

The song means more than what people who battle suicidal thoughts are labeled. There are parts of us that we wish we could kill off and not totally rid the earth of ourselves. The lack of understanding and coping/ council make us feel like the only way to kill it is to take ourselves with it. I feel like if more doctors/ therapists/ psychiatrist knew that then we’d be more clear with each other.

Click here to stream World War Me Entry: 1