Duluth Fan Returns Livestrong Bracelet To Tech N9ne

Oct 1 2010

As previously reported, during the Independent Grind Tour’s show at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth, Minnesota, Tech N9ne had his Livestrong Bracelet stolen from a fan after stage diving into the crowd. We reported the incident the next day in a tour update. As it turns out Jeff Studenski, the fan, made the college newspaper of his university with the incident. Unaware that he had stolen a bracelet given to Tech N9ne from a Denver friend who died of cancer, he mailed it back to Strange Music HQ. The story “Concert-goer learns lesson” references this blog, and ends on the note:

“It wasn’t my intent to cause any harm. I wanted something to remember the concert. I still feel like a winner because if I had gone home that night without the bracelet, Tech N9ne would have never known who I am. Now he knows,” Studenski said.

Lesson learned? Click here for the full story from the University of Duluth Statesman.