Murder Dog Writer Reviews Chicago Performance Of All 6′s and 7′s – The Tour

Aug 1 2011

Chicago July 15th was the day that Tech N9ne and Strange Music came to the House of Blues which was my 1st time seeing Tech Live. I have interviewed him several times over the years, seen many concert videos, but nothing can describe the atmosphere at a Tech N9ne/Strange Show live. The venue was standing room only packed shoulder to shoulder. I was by the bar with my people C.O., TKO, Henacee, and Randy just trying to soak everything in. Everybody from Mayday to Stevie Stone, Kutt, Jay Rock, and Krizz put on stellar performances that had everyone in the house going fuckin’ berserk. Being that I have talked to Tech before I was really excited about seeing his set. He came out and people went insane! I never in my life seen someone take such control over so many people like that. He had plenty of help from Krizz, Kutt, and the Strange Music family which added more intensity to the show. The floor was shaking and it literally felt like the building was gonna collapse. Ladies were pulling out their titties, crowd surfing, and guys were jumping up and down. I just stood still and watched in total fuckin; awww. He did all the songs that I loved over the years and were off the albums I reviewed in Murder Dog. Everything from Einstein, Stamina, and Psychobitch, to I’m A Playa, Riot Maker, and Mental Giant were thrown into the mix. After the show I got to meet Tech and it was a huge blessing. Then me and my artist C.O. Tha! Bad Black spoke with Travis for a long time. Strange showed us nothing but love and I can honestly say after all these years I am truly honored to have been able to say that I am the guy who reviewed “Angellic” in Murder Dog almost 10 years ago. It was so good to see this movement that started back then become what it is today and to be able to meet Tech, Krizz, and Travis a decade later was phenomenal. I will never forget that T9Xperience! -Prezident Scott Bejda, Murder Dog Magazine