‘It’s Something That Everybody Should Experience’ – Tech N9ne Talks The Kansas City Show For The ‘Hostile Takeover 2012’ Tour

Mar 2 2012

Tech N9ne - Midland

It’s going down. History begins where history started, in Kansas City, when the biggest tour hip hop has ever seen will kick off at The Midland on March 24.

Hostile Takeover 2012: 90 shows in 99 days. What better place to see it than where this whole movement they call Strange Music began? We talked to Tech N9ne and got his opinion as to why KC, MO is the place to go if you want to get the full Tech N9ne Experience.

Why do you think it’s worth the trip to Kansas City to see the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour at The Midland?

There are a couple places you’d want to see a Tech N9ne show. This is what I’d say: you’d want to see one in the hometown. It’s rowdy as hell. You’d want to see one in Denver. You’d want to see one in Spokane. You’d want to see one…there’s only like a top three. I think the top three would be, I guess four because I said Spokane already, you’d want to see one in Salt Lake City too. Okay.

Kansas City is where it all started. This is where the first Technicians were. This is where the first motherfuckers came to my show, yadadamean? When I was doing it back then. All these original Technicians mixed in with all these newer Technicians. It’s just going to be amazing! You’re going to have sixty-year-old Technicians there. It’s a beautiful vibe. I’ve seen it time and time again. And The Midland, the venue is SO wonderful, that I think it’s something that everybody should experience.

If someone was coming in from out of town and wanted to know a few things to do around the city, what would you recommend to them?

You gotta do Gates, you gotta go to Gates, you know you gotta go to Gates. Hopefully they’re there for a couple days so you can do Gates and Jack Stack. You’d probably come…what day of the week is this on?


Ah that’s so wonderful! You come in on a Friday and you do Gates. You’ll probably come in Friday evening, you do Gates. The next day you do Jack’s Stack and you also do Minksy’s Pizza. On Sunday you’ll probably leave but you’ll want to get some breakfast…where would they get breakfast? I don’t really know you can go wherever you want for breakfast, it’s a beautiful thing. You gotta do Gates, you gotta do Jack’s Stack, you gotta do Minksy’s. You might want to cruise the Plaza and Westport on those days – all the bars in Westport. You might want to go down to Power and Light but don’t go to Lucky Strike (laughs).

As far as the Gates thing, you get the mixed plate and you sub out the ham for turkey, right?

Yeah and the last time I got one, down on 47th street, they were talking to me so much that they didn’t substitute my ham for turkey and I was so mad because I don’t eat the ham! You know what I mean? Just make sure you say “a mixed plate, hold the ham for turkey, heavy on the sauce.” And then they’re going to ask you “Do you want the baked beans?” You gotta get them separate. You say “Yes. I’ll get a BB.” You gotta say “A BB.” (louder) “I want a BB!”

A lot of people might not be prepared for how they’re going to be greeted.

Yeah, they’re going to yell at you as soon as you walk in the door. It’s a wonderful thing though. It’s a tradition at Gates. Jack’s Stack is a little more laid back – wonderful food at Fiorella’s.

Is there anything you want to say to the fans that are coming, who are traveling long distances to see this show? We’re seeing that a lot of people are making this trip.

I think the thing we did with CES Cru, me, and Krizz Kaliko – I told them “If you want to see this, right what we’re doing here, come to the Midland in KC.” The way you gotta say “The Midland in KC” is like telling somebody out of town: “Come on down to KC and see this. This is going to be wild.” All the original Technicians are going to be there and all the new Technicians are going to be there. It’s going to be a big family affair in Kansas City, because this is where it started. They’re going to want to come see that shit.

Tech N9ne - The Midland KC
Photo by Katie Grogan

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