‘Mitchell Bade’ Performance? – Tech N9ne Says Surprises Are In Store For KC Crossroads Show [Strange Music Exclusive Interview]

Jul 23 2012

Tech N9ne - KC Crossroads

One of the hottest summers ever recorded will conclude with a bang when, on August 24, Tech N9ne will take over one of the most respected stages in Kansas City: KC Crossroads.

The outdoor venue is connected to one of the hippest restaurants in Kansas City, Grinders, and can host up to 6,000 people.

We decided to talk to Tech N9ne to find out the answers to some key questions. Along the way we got some answers that’ll be huge news for even the most seasoned and die-hard Technician.

GrindersWhat do you think of the venue?

Man, I just went to visit it last week and I walked in. There was a pizza parlor and I was like “Ooookay…smells good…a little dim in here” then I walked out the back door and there was this big, wonderful performance area with this humongous stage and lights. Revolution had just gotten off the stage and they were breaking down so I got to see the lights still on and the bars on each side. I’m like “Aw yeah! We’re going to fucking party nigga, this is fucking beautiful.” It looked like a mini-Woodstock. It’s fucking wondeful. They say five to six thousand people can fit in it. I’m like “Let’s go!” So beautiful. I can’t wait to do it.

Why should people be excited for this show?

Last time we did Midland a lot of people got left out so they couldn’t get tickets so I said, originally we were going to come back and do a show for those people on July 7, which fell through. We were going to do it at Sandstone. So when I found out it was going to be at Crossroads I was like “Yeah.” I have to do something to switch it up. I have to really make this show even better than the last, the one we just did. I’m going to be going in soon to make adjustments for this show because it’s a special show.

I just think that people should come to see what we’re going to do. You never know. It’s always a surprise. You never know who’s going to pop on stage with us. Of course CES Cru is going to be there. You never know who might pop up. Beautiful things happen in Strangeland and we’re going to try and make Crossroads at Grinders into Strangeland that night. The lights that they have around the place it definitely reminds you of that kind of atmosphere so it’s totally going to be Strangeland that night. Welcome to Strangeland, August 24 at Crossroads.

When was the last time you did an outdoor thing in KC? Is there anything different about the feel of an outdoor venue?

It’s always good being outside. The last time I was outside in KC was Summerjam at the end of the Strange Days tour I believe. That’s been a minute ago. There’s just something about the feel. When I was there looking at Crossroads, one of the people there that was at the Revolution show said “Yeah I love these venues. Indoors you can’t really get the feeling that you get when you’re outside.” And I’m like “Outside is way more free, especially when the weather is wonderful.” When we did Paid Dues we were outside. When we did Rock The Bells it was outside. The feeling of being outside is just so wonderful when the weather’s wonderful. I mean Sade, she came to Kansas City years ago at Sandstone. It started raining during her set and she started singing and the sun came out. That’s fucking beautiful! You can do that outside. People said that her vibe and her voice stopped the rain, everybody that was there. Beautiful being outside. Shit happens outside. Shit may happen outside. A bird could shit on you. Who knows? You’re outside and it’s a wonderful thing.

If I went to the Midland show, why would I come to this one?

Because we always change it. We always change it up. We’re not going to do the same exact show. You never know what we’re going to do. The guys have been telling me they want to do “Slave” from Welcome To Strangeland. And I’m like “We’ve been waiting to do that song.” Krizz Kaliko has a lot of ideas for what he’d like to do. I would like to do “Keep On Keepin’ On” for the first time. Certain songs I’ve been holding on for a long time. I’m like “Man, I’d like to do this but I dunno if it’s going to work on stage.” People are saying I should put “Imma Tell” back in the set. People want me to put “This Ring” back in the set, “Mitchell Bade” so it could be that August 24. They want to hear “Planet Rock 2K” still. So I might have to dedicate this show to Kansas City. I’m going to do all of our hits that we had on the radio. “It’s Alive” was on the radio. “Let’s Get Fucked Up” was on the radio with the 57th Street RDV’s. It’s like a lot of things I could do, I just gotta see what I can do.

So the Midland show obviously couldn’t just be for Kansas City because that was the show you had take with you the whole tour, but you’re saying that this one is going to be a self-contained show.

Yeah, totally. This is going to be another experiment with Tech N9ne. You know how we did that Dark experiment in Denver? This is going to be the KC Experiment. I just gotta see what’s going to come out of me.

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